About Us

Web3.0 is about opportunity, and putting humans first. We believe everyone in the world benefits when they have a chance to reach their individual potential.

Our Story

Blockchain is for everyone.

GoodBlock Technologies was founded with the belief that blockchain is for everyone.
Our goal is to give individuals the tools to better empower themselves in order to come together to solve global problems such as climate change.

GoodBlock Technologies founder and CEO, Douglas Horn, has worked with distributed ledger technology (DLT) since its early stages, and was well versed in the challenges it faced before mainstream adoption was possible.

In 2017, it was clear the eosio open source technology would enable tremendous advancement in blockchain’s ability to empower people. Shortly after, Douglas wrote a whitepaper that sparked a whole new community to build a network that would make the most of the eosio protocol. The Telos Blockchain is one of the first DLT networks building the backbones of Web3.0 enabling real-world use of DLT in everyday life.

We have never lost sight of the original vision. The world needs a new way for people to come together, and govern themselves. GoodBlock is bringing these together in the foundational technologies of Web3.

“What if the next Mozart is a child living on the ‘wrong’ side of a border somewhere?”  – Douglas Horn


Meet the Team

Douglas Horn

Founder & CEO

Douglas wrote the Telos white paper and served as the chief architect during the launch, proposing many of the key Telos features. He was a contributing author of each of the Telos core governance documents and has written articles, created videos, been interviewed and spoken at blockchain conferences, summits, and meetups to spread the word about Telos to the widest possible audience.

Erika Elder

Director of Operations

Erika Elder is a highly efficient and collaborative Operations professional with a background in video production, hospitality, and non-profits. She has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Audi, and Amazon to coordinate and produce a diverse range of local and national video projects. Before moving to Seattle, Erika attended Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan to study Communications.

Leah Petersen

Business Development
Investor Relations

Leah’s superpower is connecting people which has proven successful time and again in her background with project management, marketing, and business development. She is passionate about new technologies and the role
they play in shaping our lives. She constantly expands on her knowledge and experience to bring Web 3.0 to the mainstream.

CJ Anderson

Product Owner

CJ has a background in project management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. She was Director of Operations at a full-service marketing company before leaving to pursue her interest in emerging tech. Her affinity for innovative technology brought her to Goodblock where she focuses on guiding and leading teams in efficiently executing the development strategies for Goodblock Technologies products.

Ed Silva

Software Engineer

Ed is a passionate software engineer of desktop, web, mobile & blockchain platforms, proficient in several programming languages. An early blockchain enthusiast, he built the first wallet for the cooperative blockchain platform RChain. Ed gained experience at companies such as Microsoft & Samsung. He is currently builds for GoodBlock. He earned a BS in Computer Science at Catholic University of Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil.