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Decentralized Storage

Decentralized storage is a foundational element of Web3.0 that does not yet have a suitable solution. dStor finally solves this problem. The shortcomings of existing solutions are no longer acceptable. Right now neither traditional cloud nor IFPS can address pressing realities of:

  • government blockage
  • corporate interference
  • DDoS Attacks

dStor will allow high-performance decentralized cloud storage to power Web3.0 across multiple uses and platforms.

  • dStor all-region 30-50% cheaper than AWS single region service
  • Businesses-friendly invoicing and credit card payments
  • Files are secure and tamper-proof
  • High file permanence
  • Resistant to governance control

Beta Interest

If you are interested in participating in the Closed Beta for dStor, fill out one (or both) forms below to be added to our list and receive updates about the progress of dStor toward launch.



We are NOW onboarding new customers to our closed beta. We are creating a waiting list that will allow us to plan timing for customers to ensure efficient and sufficient resources provided by our node operators. If your business or application would like to be considered for inclusion in this beta version, submit the following to be considered.  dStor will not be available as a storage service outside the application layer.


dStor Beta

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Node Operator


We currently are compiling a waitlist for new node operators who are interested in onboarding during the closed beta.  If you would like to be considered. Please fill out the form below.  This does not guarantee a spot as a node operator during the beta phase but indicates interest and will allow us to contact you with updates as dStor moves toward full launch.


dStor Beta

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