Business Ready
Decentralized Storage

Decentralized storage is a foundational element of Web3.0 that does not yet have a suitable solution. dStor finally solves this problem. The shortcomings of existing solutions are no longer acceptable. Right now neither traditional cloud nor IFPS can address pressing realities of:

  • government blockage
  • corporate interference
  • DDoS Attacks

dStor will allow high-performance decentralized cloud storage to power Web3.0 across multiple uses and platforms.

  • dStor all-region 30-50% cheaper than AWS single region service
  • Businesses-friendly invoicing and credit card payments
  • Files are secure and tamper-proof
  • High file permanance
  • Resistant to governance control

    Development is ongoing.


    Here you can get a high level view of the current status of dStor development progress, updated weekly.


    • In Progress
    • Complete
    • Account Login & Deletion Enabled
    • Customer Documentation
    • Customer Information & Files Tracking Enabled
    • Customer Payment Rails
    • Deploy Minimum Gateway Nodes
    • Files & Folders Management Enabled
    • Gateway Node Distribution Code Implemented
    • Lost Password Recovery Enabled
    • Multiple Gateway Nodes Enabled
    • Storage Node Testing
    • Storage Node Begin Onboarding
    • Storage Node Operator Account Creation
    • Storage Node Operator Documentation
    • Minimum Storage Nodes Deployed
    • Website Deployed & Live
    • Storage Node TLOS Account Linking