July 24, 2022

We have a jam-packed episode for you today on Around the Block with GoodBlock. On today’s video, we introduce you to the whole GoodBlock team, and give you a chance to get to know us a little better. Hear from CJ, Will, Leah, Douglas, Nathaniel, Sean & Erika.  

Then, we’ll hear from the team who proposed the Pomelo Community Initiative on Telos Works (the ‘Meta-Public-Goods Proposal’), which has now passed with flying colors, approving funds to help onboard Telos projects to Pomelo Season 3. Lliam from Telos Culture teaches us a bit about quadratic funding, and the ways it can fundamentally change public goods funding.


00:00 Welcome to Around The Block with Goodblock!
01:01 Proposal Feature – Pomelo Season 3 on Telos Works



09:00 Moss’ Market Minute #NFA #DYOR
11:00 Get to Know GoodBlock
30:30 Crypto BS 

Special thanks to the team at Telos Culture for producing this video, vote for their BP, telosculture on the Telos Network!

GoodBlock Technologies is an app developer and Block Producer candidate on the Telos Blockchain Network, with a focus on 2 of the pillars of Web3.0; Governance  and Decentralized Cloud Storage. Vote for goodblocktls, and learn more at goodblock.io.

Telos is a cost-effective, energy efficient, fast, and scalable DPoS blockchain that has been operational for over 2 years. The Telos blockchain has leading on-chain governance (Telos Decide), and is built and developed by a core development team using the Antelope codebase.


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