GoodBlock is looking to expand our awesome team as the dStor project moves along. We’re looking for Marketing, Developers, and SysAdmins that are legal to work in the USA (but can work remotely of course). We’re currently seeking the following positions, if you think you may be a good fit (or know someone who is), please reach out to us at with your resume and cover letter or CV.

Marketing Lead: We are looking for a self-starter marketing expert who can help establish the dStor brand from scratch to an audience of both the blockchain-savvy and general business users. We prefer experience working with small teams to project a large, sophisticated image.

System Administrator/Dev Ops: Strong Linux and EOSIO skills required. Postgres, Docker, Kafka, Tinc, SSL, Cassandra, micro-services framework, Go-lang, and IPFS knowledge will all be valued.

Developer: experience in Node, Go-lang, IPFS, HLS video streaming, micro services, etc.

This is a great opportunity to join the GoodBlock team and help launch a killer new product, dStor. If you have serious skills, current availability, and a passion for blockchain and Telos, this could be your chance to help change the world! Also, if you can connect us to a candidate who fits one of these roles, there are 5,000 TLOS thank-you/referral bonuses if we end up hiring them. (Must introduce us to someone we don’t already have a relationship with.)

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!