GoodBlock has acquired the namespace .arb with the intention of instilling an additional level of trust to the arbitration process on Telos. We mean for .arb account names to be reserved for arbitrators and arbitrator candidates only, which will limit the ability for bad actors to effectively impersonate arbitrators with similar account names.

GoodBlock will create an account at no cost for any arbitrator candidate who requests one with these conditions:

  • The name should in some way reflect the arbitrator candidate’s identity such as john.arb or j.smith.arb or jms.arb
  • The recipient agrees to use this account solely for arbitrator candidacy and service and will retire it from use when not serving as or a candidate for a Telos arbitrator.

An account name ending in .arb is in no way a requirement for serving as a Telos arbitrator. However, if broadly adopted, control of this namespace will make it much harder for bad actors to impersonate arbitrators on Telos by using an account name similar to a real arbitrator.

GoodBlock will honor any request for an arb name for any arbitrator candidate who agrees to the terms above and shows us their candidacy document as evidence that they actually intend to become a candidate. We will transfer control of the __.arb namespace to the Telos Foundation or another organization that presents an acceptable plan for managing this as a community resource. Until then, we will manage it in the spirit of the trust that the Telos community has placed in us.

Requesting a .arb Account Name:

Please email with the following:

  • A link to your arbitrator candidacy document
  • The active and owner public keys you wish to use for his account
  • The account name you would like

Regarding account names:

  • Must be from 3–8 letters in length, not including “.arb”
  • Permitted characters are: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.12345
  • Good options are your first or last name, your initials, or a combination
  • Examples: janechen.arb k.w.b.arb, mcn.arb, f.smith.arb, leroy.k.arb, kellyesq.arb, sam.arb

More about GoodBlock can be found at:

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