GoodBlock is adding nodes and oracles to expand the Telos ecosystem this year. Here are the current and planned rollouts.

We’re Expanding Functionality!

GoodBlock is adding a suite of Oracles and redundancy nodes to the Telos Ecosystem. The Telos Blockchain depends on these types of enhancements to grow and thrive. Adding new functionality improves what smart contracts can do. Adding redundancy improves the speed and resiliency of the chain. So we’re adding both!

DelphiOracle — Provides a price feed for the Telos environment. This Oracle is a reliable source for getting price information on the exchange of TLOS. This Oracle is useful for proving that TLOS has value and liquidity. These are key considerations of Fiat Exchanges to list our token.

Hyperion — Hyperion is an improvement on the current history API solution Telos uses (v1). Hyperion uses Elasticsearch, a powerful search engine which is capable of deep searches with fast results. dApps can use Hyperion to search historical transactions faster than previous iterations, helping them stay current.

BlockBase — BlockBase is the chain applied to Databases. Customers can use BlockBase-derived sidechains to create complex databases. It provides full encryption of the data, only accessible by encryption keys.

RNG Oracle — The blockchain doesn’t do one thing very well and that’s Random Number Generation. Yet this is an oracle API that generates random numbers for use inside smart contracts. Random outcomes are a core element in many games and decision engines, making this oracle a must.

We’re Building Decentralized Applications!

DecideVoter — DecideVoter has had some incredible events in the last few months. First, the cost to make a voting treasury has dropped from 500 to 20 TLOS. This allows anyone to be in reach of a voting engine for DAOs, governance, or even where to eat for Friday’s outing. DAOs are going to find DecideVoter to be an excellent and already running dApp. DecideVoter was recently used to hold the Telos Foundation elections this year! 259 voters participated, with more than 400 Million TLOS used to vote. This is an incredible start to the year for DecideVoter. Join DecideVoter here:

dStor — dStor is the future of decentralized application storage. This year, dStor will be used for NFTs, corporate files storage, and a whole host of decentralized applications coming to Telos. Prices for the service use USD and not tokens which adds resiliency for cost to use. dStor’s node operators are incentivized to provide higher quality storage, so files are locally highly available. Find dStor here:

A New You, and Telos in 2022!

Thank you for taking the time to read our roadmap. There is strength in this token, as shown by the many teams who are working to grow the chain’s capabilities. An election of the Telos Foundation has brought in fresh faces, including our own @FernSquirrel. Congratulations to her and to anyone who was nominated! Last year brought in new members of GoodBlock, who are working on exciting products this year. We can’t wait to see what this year brings to Telos! Let us know in the comments below how you feel about TLOS in 2022!