Breaking Out

This has been my favorite week so far on the Telos project. You might think that the initial announcement or the week we launched and then activated the mainnet would be, but both of those were insanely busy and a bit nerve-wracking. Now, a bit over a month after the mainnet activation, I feel like Telos is just about to hit its stride. And while I and everyone at GoodBlock are still quite busy, we are finally hitting a point where Telos news breaks and it’s news to us, because we aren’t involved in it.

There was a long time when I felt that I knew everything that was going on in the Telos world. I definitely don’t feel that way anymore. New apps announce out of the blue (to me, anyway) that they will be deploying on Telos, the way Telos Planet did this week. Other announcements may have been vaguely on my radar, such as Math wallet, but I didn’t know anyone involved and all I had heard was rumors. This feels a bit like when your child starts going to school and suddenly you no longer know or influence every detail of their lives anymore.

We built Telos for a broad base of people to use. So now that this is beginning to happen, it is enormously gratifying. This week was a smorgasbord of tasty new developments: New apps launched, announced, and even conducting the first Telos-based token sale. New wallets and tools. And to me the winner for the week, getting listed on Blocktivity, the internet site that tracks various leading blockchains to measure which ones offer the most capacity in terms of transactions per 24 hours. I’ve wanted Telos to be included on this list because I knew we could demonstrate how much could be done by our new network. And it’s happening: already, Telos is #3 on the list and still climbing.

So it’s been a great week for Telos and hopefully one of many more to come. Go Telos!

— Douglas Horn

What happened this week:

· Proxibots deploys only on Telos — Blockchain controlled race with real robots

· Viitasphere begins the first tokensale on Telos

· Telos debuts on Blocktivity, quickly rises to #3

· Telos Planet Minecraft-style game announces upcoming launch

· Math wallet (iOS/Android) adds Telos and Telos tokens

· DAClab releases website and video

· Attic Lab releases MyTelosWallet online wallet

· Telos Users Guide begins releasing chapters

Proxibots deploys only on Telos — Blockchain controlled race with real robots is a new app that launched exclusively on Telos this week. Proxibots lets users purchase time to remotely control a robot by paying 2 TLOS. The current implementation is a game where players drive around a course watching the game via a livestreaming video link and seeking to scan QR code targets. There is a leaderboard of the fastest times and a contest sponsored by block producer TelosDAC with prizes for the fastest times. The challenge runs until block 11,238,400.

This game is addictive and fun, but I believe Proxibots has far more potential ahead of it. As a protocol for controlling robots over the blockchain, Proxibots could pioneer a wave of just-in-time robotic production lines in the future. The game is a really fun and competitive first implementation for a technology that will absolutely transform the small manufacturing industry, at least.

Visit Proxibots at

Viitasphere begins the first tokensale on Telos

Two weeks ago, Viitasphere, deployed their token contract on Telos and the Weekly Report announced their earlybird giveaway of 50 VIITA tokens to anyone joining their Telegram channel. Viitasphere is building a worldwide decentralized peer-to-peer market that includes integrated discovery of goods and services, multiple forms of easy payment including their VIITA tokens, and reputation tracking for vendors and providers to ensure good exchanges. The free promotion is over, but this week began its “friends and family” token sale. They are offering the VIITA economic token for USD $0.01 each paid in BTC, ETH, EOS, and TLOS. For every 2,000 VIITA purchased, Viitasphere will also send 1 VIICT token, which is a profit-sharing token, as a gift. An airgrab is also planned in February for Telos accounts that claim VIITA. More details are available at:

Telos debuts on Blocktivity, quickly rises to #3 is a website that tracks the amount of transactions or operations of leading blockchains to gauge their performance and potential value. On January 24th, the Telos blockchain network debuted on Blocktivity at the #8 spot just below Ethereum. Within hours Telos began a steady rise past Ethereum, Bitcoin, Steem, and Bitshares to reach the #3 position, just under EOS and WAX. These current top-three chains in terms of transactions per 24 hours are all versions of the EOS.IO software which explains their massive performance advantage over all other blockchain technologies. It will be interesting to what these top spots will be in future weeks. The current pattern suggests that as more EOS.IO-based blockchains are listed, they will also tend to reach the top of the chart. The TRON (TRX) blockchain is not currently listed on Blocktivity, but its approximately 2,000,000 transactions per 24 hours is also below the current Telos level of 2,549,975 as of this writing.

Not all of these transactions on Telos are currently organic transactions from users, of course. Some of are the result of system testing, which is an important part of monitoring the network. However, all the transactions are “real” and they demonstrate the massive capacity of Telos.

Track the results at:

Telos Planet Minecraft-style game announces upcoming launch

The blockchain-based Minecraft-style game EOS Planet has announced that it is in the process of deploying an updated version of the game on Telos, to be called Telos Planet. According to messages from the developer on Telegram, the Telos version will better use resources and is likely to generate a completely new planet map than the EOS version.

Math wallet (iOS/Android) adds Telos and TLOS tokens

The iOS and Android mobile wallet, Math wallet, has added support for TLOS tokens and other tokens launched on the Telos blockchain. Math wallet allows users to leverage the biometric security they may have in their mobile devices to further secure their funds. Learn more at:

DAClab releases website and video

DAClab is an app that helps groups create modular DAC organizations with modular voting, work tracking, licenses, capital expendatures, and other features for each organization’s particular needs — all without needing to be programmers. DAClab will make use of many Telos-specific functions such as Trail service voting to create the most advanced DAC structures available. So naturally, it will launch only on Telos.

DAClab from GoodBlock aims to release its alpha version in Q2 of 2019. You can see more, watch an explainer video, and sign up for updates at:

Telos Users Guide begins releasing chapters

GoodBlock has begun releasing chapters of a Telos Users Guide. The users guide has chapters on all things Telos and will eventually cover everything. The first chapters to be released will be specifically about the voting functions that are now becoming available to users. First up is Arbitration and arbitrator elections, as this will begin very soon. Each chapter contains parts on both “Understanding” the topic section which covers the whys and hows for people who are interested to know these things, and a “Tutorial” section with clear step-by-step instructions for how to do any action. New chapters will be released soon, with the worker proposal system and ratification/amendment of governance documents being up next.

You can find these here on the GoodBlock blog:

Understanding Telos Arbitration:

Tutorial: Arbitration & Elections:

More about GoodBlock can be found at:

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