Deployments Begin!

With months of work behind us building what I truly believe is the world’s greatest blockchain, it is extremely satisfying to finally be able to actually use the chain for something besides just pushing tokens around. The question I’ve been hearing almost hourly since before activation is “When will Telos get a dice game?”

I suspected that gaming app developers were all waiting in the wings to deploy Telos versions of their apps. After all, EOS and Telos are interoperable for apps, and Telos users are hungry to play with their shiny new TLOS tokens. So when a few weeks raced by without any games, I was scratching my head. Now I can stop scratching. The first dice game has now deployed on Telos and it looks like there will be more coming soon. Check out EOSPlayStation and strike it rich (maybe) in TLOS.

This week also saw the deployment of the first new tokens on Telos. VIITA and VIICT tokens from Viitasphere, QBE token from Qubicles, and TEACH token from eTeachology all deployed tokens on Telos. These represent native Telos tokens, Ethereum migrations, and an EOS/Telos cross-chain project. Things are getting exciting.

I’m aiming to keep the Telos Weekly Report shorter these days, but I must mention the upcoming Telos Original Snapshot. If you haven’t accessed your genesis account yet, the snapshot is a great reason to do so before January 17th, 2019 at 13:14 UTC. Only Telos accounts that have performed at least one action will be recorded on the snapshot that I expect many of these first Telos apps will use for their airdrops. Don’t miss out!

— Douglas Horn

Here’s what Telos did this week:

  1. The First Game Deploys on Telos: EOSPlaystation
  2. Preparing for the Telos Original Snapshot on January 17, 2019
  3. New Tokens Deploy on Telos
  4. Telos Foundation Board Elects Officers

The First Game Deploys on Telos: EOSPlaystation

The Telos chain has been running for over 5 million blocks now and more and more apps are announcing their intent to deploy on the Telos chain, but it was unknown when the first full working app or game would deploy. But the wait is over. EOSPlayStation has deployed its Classic Dice game on Telos with more games expected to join the platform very soon. You can learn more about EOSPlayStation or play Classic Dice at .

Preparations for the Telos Original Snapshot on January 17, 2019

The Telos Original Snapshot will occur at block 6,000,000 at approximately 13:14 UTC on January 17th, 2019. The Telos Original Snapshot is a way for newer Telos fans who were not included on the EOS genesis snapshot to be part of the “early adopters” group that will be rewarded with future airdrops. Every Telos account that has performed any activity before the snapshot occurs will have its total TLOS holdings (staked and liquid tokens) recorded on the snapshot. Even just voting, proxying votes, unstaking, or sending tokens will qualify an account to be part of the snapshot. Regular additional snapshots will occur monthly for future airdrops so that new Telos users can also be rewarded in the future.

To prepare for the snapshot, the Telos Core Developer team is preparing a process to capture an accurate snapshot. This form of snapshot, where accounts must qualify through use, has never been done before, so the team is creating new tools to be able to process these snapshots on a regular basis. Key developers on this project include Peter Bue and Stephanie Sunshine (GoodBlock) and Jesse Shulman (CalEOS).

You can track the countdown to the Telos Original Snapshot at the EOS Metal countdown site:

New Tokens Deploy on Telos

At least three new tokens have been deployed on the Telos chain and are preparing for some form of airdrop to Telos tokenholders. Viitasphere is a peer-to-peer marketplace platform for local exchange of goods and services. Viitasphere will be deploying their decentralized marketplace app on the Telos chain and have already deployed two token contracts for VIITA and VIICT tokens. They have announced an airgrab in February, but they are already giving away 50 free VIITA tokens for anyone who posts their address to the Viitasphere Telegram channel (

Qubicles, a decentralized app for call center management and resource allocation marketplace was originally deployed on the Ethereum chain, but has announced its move to Telos. Telos core developer Marlon Williams of Telos Miami and Sqrl wallet fame is one of the principals in Qubicles, so it’s a pretty safe bet that Qubicles will have few problems creating an amazing Telos app! Marlon and company have created a teleport contract to move existing Qubicles QBE tokens from Ethereum to Telos. Teleportation has already begun! Learn more in the Qubicles telegram group (

EDNA, the personal DNA privacy-centered app was the first to announce that it would be deploying on both EOS and Telos with a cross-chain teleport function. However, another token was deployed this week that aims to exist across both the EOS and Telos chains. TEACH is the new Telos incarnation of EAT (Education and Technology) token. The TEACH token was deployed on Telos this week and teleport features will be enabled in the near future between the two chains/tokens. EAT and TEACH allow teachers to reward their students for successfully completing online lessons in subjects like math and science. These tokens can be used to purchase more advanced lessons and pay educators for creating them. The TEACH project website is coming soon and we will have much more to say about this exciting project in the near future.

Telos Foundation Board Elects Officers

The Telos Foundation, an apolitical promotional organization with the mission to help bootstrap and build the Telos Blockchain Network community has been busy working on a number of measures. One of the early items for their vote is to organize the recently elected board members into officers and working group leaders.

On January 8th, 2019, the Telos Foundation board elected the following officers: Jim Hewitt, board president; Beth Farnham, vice president; Richard Bryan Erikodi, Treasurer; Azad Halim, Secretary. Congratulations to all those elected!

The board will still need to hire an Executive Director and elect a RAM Administration Director. Other measures the board is addressing include: providing funding for free accounts and opening up this free account funding to other wallets, exchanges, and apps, working with exchanges to process their requests for disbursements from the Telos Exchange Token Reserve, evaluating liability insurance for the elected arbitrators, and more.

Read more about the new Board Executives:

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