The GoodGrant program supporting Telos applications is proud to announce its support of Peeranha, a decentralized question and answer website that rewards users for their contributions. Peeranha is in the final stages of testing before being deployed on the Telos mainnet with the goal of going live before the end of December 2019.

Users will find Peeranha similar to a decentralized version of Stackoverflow with numerous questions and answers. While Peeranha expects to expand into many areas of Q&A, it will initially focus on serving blockchain projects. Most of these projects are too small for Stackoverflow and do not have a place to send users for Q&A, even though this is essential for building searchable and structured knowledge base for the community. These communities also understand the value of being rewarded for contributions in tokens. Peeranha contributors will be rewarded with PEER tokens, which should appear on exchanges soon after launch.

“Peeranha has an opportunity to change the way user created content is owned and how value is generated from its distribution. Previous solutions generally flowed all the revenues to the platform providers, leaving the contributors empty-handed, even though they create the bulk of the value within the system. This is a business that’s ripe for disruption because once contributors realize they can also receive a fair share, the old business model can lose their content quickly,” says Telos architect, Douglas Horn. “For an app like this to take off, though, it needs to leverage the strengths of EOSIO, the underlying software of the Telos platform.”

Peeranha CTO Sergey Ilin also notes the importance of an EOSIO-based platform to meet their goals. “Like many other developers, we were very excited about the promise of EOS to build a blockchain with free transactions for the end users. In my opinion, poor user experience is one of the major reasons for slow user adoption of decentralized applications. However, high RAM prices and recent CPU congestion issues made EOS not a feasible option for us. We believe that Telos is learning from EOS’s mistakes and through their BP and developer engagement, will deliver the blockchain that we all have been waiting for.”

With the award of the GoodGrant, Peeranha will receive a year of staked CPU and NET resources and an initial grant of RAM. This will allow Peeranha to cover resources invisibly to their users, which is key to bringing in users from outside of blockchain. Horn notes, “I like Peeranha’s approach to onboarding users at their own comfort level, whether they’re crypto experts or have never used a blockchain dapp before. I think it’s a great approach and will bring in a lot of new blockchain users without requiring a lot of preexisting knowledge in order to participate. Telos sees this as an important progression in user acquisition and we are actively building tools to help facilitate this for apps.”

Ilin agrees and notes that the transition to Telos from their planned release on EOS was very easy. “Deployment to Telos blockchain was very smooth and not different from deployments on EOS. We did not have any technical issues and did not have to make any changes in our smart-contracts code.”

Peeranha is expected to be live on the Telos mainnet before the end of this month. To learn more, go to

Developers looking to deploy apps on Telos may apply for resource staking grants from GoodGrant can learn more about the program, requirements and application process at: