SEEDS (, a DAC for creating regenerative communities recently launched on the Telos mainnet. The Telos GoodGrant program is proud to announce that SEEDS is the recipient of its resource staking grant. For the next year, GoodGrant will stake the NET and CPU resources needed to support SEEDS on Telos.

The mission of SEEDS is to create a financial system for a Regenerative Society. It’s a systemic solution to humanity’s combined political, ecological and economic crisis. It rewires the financial incentives of our society towards regeneration, while also providing more voice and value to the people — making it an obvious transition.

​SEEDS Facilitator Rieki Cordon adds, “I believe we’re living through the modern-day Renaissance. An evolution in culture as distinct as the transition from hunter-gatherers to city dwellers. My vision is for this transition to lead us to an ecological and abundant global society. A society where the pursuit of purpose is the most financially rewarding behavior — not the myopic destruction of our biosphere.”​

SEEDS recently deployed the first iteration of its dapp and blockchain governance system on Telos as Hypha ( Hypha is built using many of the governance tools provided by the Trail Voting System native to Telos. This is the same governance system that powers the Telos Foundation and other decentralized organizations.

GoodGrant creator Douglas Horn says, “SEEDS and Hypha are examples of the future-thinking organizations that will be needed to address the world’s most challenging problems. Our current organizational and incentive structure has failed to produce working solutions and we must look at new ways to organize and align people towards common goals where individuals have incentives to contribute their work. Telos has focused on building the most advanced and easy-to-use DAC-creation tools in blockchain, specifically to empower these organizations. So, it’s tremendously rewarding to see SEEDS building on this foundation.”​

Cordon notes four reasons why Telos was an obvious choice for launching SEEDS and Hypha.

“First, Telos is ready today! We’re needing a regenerative financial system as soon as possible to join the response to heal our planet. We didn’t have time to wait for theoretical platforms.
“Second, Telos is leading the way in decentralized governance solutions and has provided countless tools that have catapulted our development process at SEEDS, allowing the core team to give the power to the people today.
“Third, Telos is built with EOSIO, which was a necessary protocol for SEEDS to have ‘better-than-free’ transactions with high throughput and state-of-the-art security.
“Fourth, the community. The Telos community, Good Block, and all the developers have been extremely supportive and helpful in helping make this a reality. We’re honored to be a part of this community and look forward to a very exciting journey together.”

Telos block producer and Telos Launch Group member Roger Davies of Telos UK echoes the importance of SEEDS and its ethos. “The current systems which manage our world are not really capable of supporting the huge population we now have and everywhere you look the majority of what you see is consumption, creation of waste and reduction of our planet’s precious assets. The SEEDS project will help to flip the default from an exploitation-based model into a collaborative based model and provide the ultimate in alignment of interests for the entire global population, to help ensure a sustainable future.”

​SEEDS is beginning to onboard users in limited numbers now and will increase these efforts as the dapp is expanded over the coming weeks. Interested users should visit and to learn more or become early members. With this grant, the GoodGrant accounts are currently staking 15,000 TLOS worth of system resources to SEEDS with the expectation of a larger grant as the SEEDS community on Telos grows and more resources are needed.

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

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