The GoodGrant is pleased to announce its support of Sesacash, an on-demand digital finance and payments platform for individuals and businesses across Africa; built on the Telos blockchain. Sesacash is currently deployed on Telos in beta with an anticipated full release date of December 1st, 2019. Users can sign up now at

Sesacash is the new name of Yensesa, a micro-currency exchange on Whaleshares. Over the past two years, Yensesa built a large community by incentivizing social blogging through micro-transactions. Its app includes a multi-currency wallet to hold USD as well as Nigerian Naira (NGN) and Ghanan Cedi (GHS) fiat currencies. It also supports cryptocurrencies BTC, LTC, ETH, TLOS, EOS, and BTS. Users can earn and transfer funds locally or across national boundaries and be paid fiat currencies via bank transfer or mobile money. The app has increased rewards over what Yensesa offered, which are earned in its currency YENT (YNT). To fuel its growth, the company sought a more powerful, EOSIO based blockchain, and quickly decided on Telos.

Sesacash CEO Blaise Bayuo notes, “The lower cost of deployment on Telos along with zero transaction fees were key in our decision to migrate to Telos. Additionally, Telos is making clear inroads into communities in the African nations we serve, which is unique in the EOSIO blockchains.”

In receiving the GoodGrant, Sesacash will have all of its Telos resource staking requirements for CPU and NET covered for its first year of operation. Due to high levels of RAM required for this specific application, Sesacash is also receiving an initial grant of RAM for its first six months of operations. The GoodGrant is a program from Telos block producer GoodBlock intended to remove resource staking costs as a barrier to dapps deploying on Telos.

“In evaluating Sesacash, it was immediately apparent that this was a project deserving our full support,” says founder Douglas Horn. “They had already built an impressive user base and application and they are serving a real need in an area underserved by traditional financial services. There’s every reason to believe Sesacash could grow into a full-fledged financial services provider for this region. They already had great developers, all they needed was some network resources to get started.”

Sesacash is currently serving users in Nigeria and Ghana, but plan to expand to neighboring countries in the near future. With several user groups and block producer teams already growing in these areas, Sesacash and Telos are a great match. Bayuo also found the Telos community and developer support helpful in migrating to the network. “It was much easier than we expected to deploy on Telos. We got all the support we needed from the community to understand the Telos ecosystem. Their outreach makes the process quite smooth. It’s a powerful community in that way.”

Users can sign up for Sesacash now at and receive a reward of 5 YNT for completing the KYC process.

Developers looking to deploy apps on Telos may apply for resource staking grants from GoodGrant can learn more about the program, requirements and application process at: