The GoodGrant program is pleased to announce its most recent grant recipient. Zeptagram ( is a Sweden-based company that intends to revolutionize the music industry and the traditional financial sector using its solutions. By working closely with artists and content creators all over the world Zeptagram strives to offer the most lucrative platform for investing and trading in music rights. The company is focused on creating new digital investment markets by using next-generation technologies like Blockchain and AI. The two key features of the Zeptagram Platform are Zeptagram Crowdsales and Zeptagram Exchange. The Zeptagram Platform is will soon deploy on the Telos blockchain with a beta launch date of October 1, 2019.

“Zeptagram’s mission is to become the NASDAQ for Music Rights and bring more value back to the creators,” explains Founder & CEO Christina Löwenström. “We at Zeptagram have chosen the Telos Blockchain to deploy our solutions for two reasons mainly: Telos is more environmentally sustainable in comparison with other blockchains out there. And Telos is cost-effective, fast, secure and has better governance which will help us focus on the application development.”

Zeptagram was introduced to Telos by Sukesh Kumar Tedla of EOSIO Green, a block producer on Telos and a founding member of the Telos Launch Group. Tedla is a member of the Swedish Blockchain Association and has joined the Zeptagram board of directors.

“When I first heard the idea of Zeptagram, I just loved it and was almost immediately on-board. I really believe that Zeptagram will bring a huge change in the decade-old music tech industry and will help artists and creators with new revenues. The potential is just huge as it opens up new investment opportunities for investors,” Tedla says.

GoodGrant founder and Telos architect Douglas Horn of GoodBlock is also excited to see Zeptagram launch on the Telos blockchain, “The music rights landscape is byzantine and long overdue for disruption. By combining AI with the high speed, capacity, immutability, transparency and fee-less transactions of Telos, Zeptagram can bring an entirely new paradigm to the music industry. Zeptagram is joining a growing list of innovative disruptors who are launching on Telos not only because the third-generation blockchain offers many of the most advanced features of any public blockchain, but because of strong ethical alignment on issues with the Telos community such as environmental responsibility, user-driven governance, and more egalitarian token distribution.”

As part of the GoodGrant, Zeptagram’s NET and CPU resource needs on Telos will be covered for the first year of operation from the GoodGrant accounts. The GoodGrant program seeks to minimize the cost of deploying to the Telos blockchain for developers. App developers may also pursue the other funding opportunities that are now bringing blockchain developers including Telos Foundation grants, user-voted worker proposals, and special dispensations available from Telos block producer economic development funds, which was recently created by a voter-approved ballot. A systemwide crowdfunding platform called Grassroots will soon join this suite of funding mechanisms. Taken together, these funding sources make Telos one of the most attractive blockchains for developers seeking to create decentralized apps.


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