GoodProxy Takes Rapid Action to Protect User Property

On Sunday, February 24th, 2019 at approximately 17:30 UTC. The EOS block producer games.eos returned to the EOS mainnet Top 21, or “active” block producers. Its presence in the active EOS block producers had caused the loss of approximately 2 million EOS tokens on February 22nd due to the refusal of games.eos to maintain the list of accounts blacklisted by the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) due to suspected theft. The return of games.eos to active block production posed a threat to property.

The GoodProxy governors, having previously discussed the situation regarding games.eos and pre-approved whatever emergency action might be necessary to prevent them from causing further loss of property, took emergency action and changed its votes on the EOS mainnet. By altering the votes of our EOS mainnet proxy account, ‘goodproxyeos’, we were able to eject games.eos within just 5 rounds of producing. This action was also aided by the concurrent action of EOS block producer, EOS Titan, who heroically removed their votes for their own block producer in order to advance a competing block producer into the Top 21 and thereby remove games.eos.

The GoodProxy governors met immediately after this emergency action occurred and decided by a majority vote to uphold it for 48 hours when a new fully voted new vote would occur. The governors requested that EOS mainnet block producers who favored key nullification of these blacklisted accounts to vote for this or publicly signal that they would do so quickly.