One year ago on December 12th, 2018, the Telos® mainnet was launched. Almost a week later, the network activated with block producers elected by the voters taking charge of the chain operations and TLOS tokens available for unstaking and use. This was the culmination of over six months of concerted effort by a grassroots community of developers, dreamers and blockchain believers who built many unique new elements of eosio software without ever raising a penny from investors. It was a monumental effort achieved without outside funding and with no promise of future value.

Now, a year later, Telos has earned a reputation as a truly decentralized public blockchain with effective user governance, excellent performance, and the ability to bootstrap not only itself, but other projects as well through our Telos Works work proposal system. We are now ready to roll out the world’s leading blockchain governance features to any dapp that deploys on Telos through Telos Decide™ voting. And as we will discuss more over the coming days, our revolutionary decentralized storage offering, dStor is at the cusp of launching its beta program. Telos has faced many challenges head on and has emerged as the yardstick by which other governed blockchains will be measured. This deserves a celebration!

None of the achievements of the past year would have been possible without the efforts of the Telos community which has supported the block producers, developers, and users throughout this journey with their ideas, contributions, votes, and shared vision of making Telos the blockchain for the future.

We at GoodBlock are extremely honored to have the support of the Telos community in our work as Telos core developers and block producers. We could not do this without the community. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with Telos so far. Whether you joined before the whitepaper announcement or just an hour ago, you are here in our first year and that makes you a Telos Founder. Congratulations for your vision. Telos has an amazing future ahead of it as we blaze the trail for how public, decentralized, high performance blockchains can determine their own futures.

I especially want to thank the many people here at GoodBlock who worked so hard to build Telos through that period. My deep personal thanks go out to the GoodBlock team working on Telos during the launch: Beth Farnham, James Davis, Peter Bue, Ed Silva, Craig Branscom, Stephanie Sunshine, Lee Hundley, Josh Manderville, Ava Masucci, Erika Elder, Justin Brown, Marielle Saums and Nathan Horn. I’m awed by how much we all accomplished with so few resources, in so little time.

Thank you!

Douglas Horn CEO & Telos chief architect