A Certified Green Cloud Solution for Business

which would you prefer?

save 15% over AWS for your cloud solution


get a certified green solution that is totally sustainable?

save 15% over AWS for your cloud solution


get a certified green solution that is totally sustainable?

cloud storage is the future

But it has a massive carbon footprint, creating increased energy consumption, higher operational costs, and potential regulatory compliance issues.

Storage solutions like Google, Amazon and Azure are NOT certified green and by their sheer size alone, waste massive energy on resources.

Most decentralized storage platforms are slow, NOT built for businesses and cannot be certified as green.

A pioneering force in environmental accountability and sustainablity, designed to minimize the environmental impact of our digital data in an innovative way.

Ithiká provides comprehensive carbon tracking, ensuring clients can verify their carbon reduction efforts, and enhance their credibility, enabling a compelling sustainability message for their marketing campaigns.

A green alternative to centralized and decentralized cloud solutions alike.

Ithiká saves billions by not building massive, wasteful data centers and adding storage that isn’t needed. As a company we also aren’t wasting billions on electricity or water. In the last few years, Google has spent around 30 Billion dollars building data centers to compete with Amazon and Microsoft

Ithiká provides a certified decarbonized cloud platform, allowing users to go green without sacrificing performance. This is essential to address the increasing demand for sustainability solutions. In leveraging Ithiká, businesses can capitalize on their eco-efforts for revenue growth and customer loyalty.

At Ithiká, we’re committed to driving meaningful change by providing tools that not only measure but enhance environmental responsibility. Join us in leading the way towards a sustainable future.

is Changing Everything 

We are revolutionizing data storage by creating a data service network of green nodes deployed exactly where our clients need them. 

    The Ithiká Advantages 

      Cost Savings: By reducing energy costs and optimize operations

      Carbon Credits & Tax Incentives: Clients can earn valuable carbon credits


      An innovative carbon tracking tool for full transparency.

      Enhanced Brand Value: Ithiká clients are positioned as environmentally responsible, gaining a competitive edge

      Compliance & Risk Management: Can now meet regulatory requirements

      Long-Term Cost Predictability: Transparent pricing models to allow effective budgeting

      A Unique Solution for Governments, Developers & Businesses

      When organizations use Ithiká, the right number of  instances of data are stored with geographic diversity that  ensures your data is never lost. In addition, because we are Certified Green, Ithiká is a no-brainer for organizations who need a green solution.

      Ithiká is a certified green cloud storage provider with…

      Optimized node deployment

      Hack-proof security

      Enterprise-grade infrastructure

      Low latency

      A competitive edge that positions our clients as environmentally responsible

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