Developers are constantly coming to Telos with questions about developing and deploying Telos-based apps. This new development provides great value to Telos as each new application brings more functionality and more users to the network. Building the base of Telos apps is one of our greatest needs. We also see a growing number of companies approaching Telos with needs for developers who are ready to build Telos applications.

To date, interacting with new developers has been handled by a variety of people in the community. Initial questions are often solved quite easily and as a community we have received high praise from most of the developers who are now working on the system. However, this function could be greatly improved with the addition of a dedicated person or team of people who are expressly paid by Telos to interact with each prospective developer to ensure that their questions are answered, that they are swiftly connected with tools, resources, and existing open source code. The liaison could stay in touch with developers, providing them an ongoing point of contact for questions and other needs to ensure that they are not lost or delayed. The current system of a few developers giving time to help new developers does not scale well and may already be causing Telos to lose some important prospects to other blockchains. A developer onboarding liaison — eventually growing into a team of liaisons — would let Telos better capture members of the precious developer community through providing excellent service and further increasing the value of Telos for developers and the community.


We seek a developer to interface with new prospective developers inquiring about Telos, and to serve as an ongoing point of contact with them about questions, resources, and engaging with other Telos groups and services, such as applying for grants, seeking marketing help, hiring additional Telos developers, and more.

Telos Developer Onboarding Liaisons would:

· Possess expert knowledge of the tools, resources, and organizations within the Telos community that would be beneficial to prospective developers.

· Have a strong understanding of EOSIO development, and particularly of Telos-specific improvements and competitive advantages.

· Have good customer management and interaction skills to track various projects and provide reasonable check-ins as needed to facilitate productive development.

· Develop and maintain good relationships with various Telos organizations that may prove valuable to prospective developers (marketing groups, grant providers, infrastructure providers).

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

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