Telos Validators Explained – Why be a BP?

Telos Validators Explained with TelosUSA & TheTelosCrew

Block producers carry forward the vision of their blockchains – and if you’re looking to become one yourself, there are a few things you’ll need to know. So we’ve gathered the BP pros to tell you all about the ins, outs, and fine-print of becoming a block producer on Telos!

In this episode of Around the Block, join Nathaniel & Douglas and special guests Michael EOS USA and Kylan from The Telos Crew! They’ll tell you all about why you should want to be a Block Producer. And you’ll hear about some Alpha Drops, Market Minutes, and more!

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Special thanks to the team at Corduroy Earth for producing this video, vote for their BP, @Telos Culture on the Telos Network!

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