Telos Core Devs Worker Proposal #1 — Approved & Distributed

By Douglas Horn

The first worker proposal for the Telos Core Devs has passed. Thank you for supporting us!

There were 273 unique accounts voting and an overwhelming majority. This is almost certain to be the largest WP ever submitted by the TCD, due to it covering a period of three months, and the current TLOS price.

You can see more details about voting at Chainspector:

There will be a new worker proposal in a week or so, once the new arbitration portal has been released. TCD WP #2 will be much smaller than #1 but still larger than those that come thereafter. Our medium-term goal is to move toward providing WPs that can be approved ahead of the work so that the Telos voters are truly guiding through their voting what the TCD is working on. This transition may take a few months. We hope to be working with a provider who can help add more surety to the WP process by then so that any work approved is not actually paid until milestones are met. This will be an exciting improvement to Telos WPS. I hope we will be able to share more information about it soon.

We very much appreciate your support. You are supporting core work to build Telos and also helping to create a system where developers seek out Telos as a community where they can have their work supported and rewarded. In return, we gain new features, tools, dapps.

The Telos Core Developers is an open group. We have overall meetings twice a month and breakout meetings for projects weekly or as needed. Anyone interested in joining is welcome. Please contact any of the current TCD members for on-boarding.

Currently, the TCD is working on:

  • Upstream merges of Telos contracts to 1.7.1
  • REX development and testnet deployment
  • Completing the Arbitration user portal
  • Beginning the Ratify/Amend user portal
  • Development of Grassroots — the Telos-based 0-fee Kickstarter dapp
  • Ongoing improvements to Chainspector
  • Ongoing improvements to Sqrl
  • Modification of the BP schedule optimizer
  • An undisclosed project related to tokens
  • Creating a developer “help desk” and repository to ease Telos dapp development

I want to offer my thanks to everyone in the Telos Core Devs for their continued work. It is a great group and we have good things coming your way, Telos!

The individual payments from TCD WP #1 have all been disbursed in accordance with the proposal and the submission fee refunded. This can be verified here:

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

More about GoodBlock can be found at:

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