On January 17th, the Telos Original Snapshot was captured, recording all Telos accounts that had performed at least one action so far along with their total combined TLOS balance, staked and liquid, for use by future airdrops and airgrabs. These snapshots are intended to be a monthly occurrence and will reduce the cost for apps to perform airdrops. For more information about the mechanics behind capturing the snapshot, see The Telos Original Snapshot — Behind the Scenes.

The snapshot has now been recorded on the Telos mainnet for use at address ‘snapshots.tf’. The Telos Foundation provided the RAM to store this account. It is scheduled to be stored on-chain until block 78,000,000, or roughly 14 months from the time it was taken. It will always be available on the Telos Github repository at: https://github.com/Telos-Foundation/snapshots/blob/master/6MSnapshotWithBalances.csv

To check if your account is on the snapshot, go to a block explorer such as telos.eosx.io and look up the account ‘snapshots.tf’ then click “View Account Tables”. Click on the ‘snapshots’ table name. The Telos Original Snapshot is snapshot 1, so in in the field “Scope” enter “1” and in the field “Lower Bound” type the name of the account you are searching for. (or just click here: https://telos.eosx.io/account/snapshots.tf?mode=contract&sub=tables&table=snapshots&lowerBound=accountname&upperBound=&limit=1&scope=1 and substitute your account name for ‘accountname’ in Lower Bound.) The amount is recorded without a decimal, so to see your recorded amount, put a decimal point before the last four digits, or divide the number by 10,000. For example, an amount of ‘2001234’ would mean 200.1234 TLOS in the account as of block 6,000,000

Taking the snapshot allowed us to look at how Telos has been used in the first month since launch.

We excluded some “special accounts” from the snapshot since they would not really apply to apps doing airdrops, which is the purpose. The excluded accounts are:

  • exrsrv.tf: the exchange token reserve account
  • tf: the Telos Foundation account
  • free.tf: the free new account creation fund
  • eosio.saving: the worker proposal system fund
  • ramadmin.tf: the TF RAM administration fund
  • ramlaunch.tf: another TF RAM administration fund

Telos Original Snapshot Statistics

Total number of accounts recorded: 26,419

Amount of TLOS in recorded accounts: 49,768,896.8890

Percent of Telos accounts activated: 14%

Percent of TLOS tokens activated: 25%

Number of capped accounts activated: ~205

Percent of capped accounts activated: ~19%

Amount of TLOS in free.tf, for free account creation: 947,387.1982 TLOS

Number of free new-user accounts this can create: ~1.9 million

The Telos Original snapshot was managed by CalEOS, GoodBlock, Kainos BP, and Telos Madrid.

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