Telos needs a user guide to attract and retain general computer users and to help all users better understand the various features, advantages, and ways to participate in governance of the chain. To that end, I am writing a Telos User Guide which will explain both how to use Telos features, and the reasons behind them. This is a large undertaking, but an important one.

I will be writing new chapters regularly and releasing them as I complete them, giving priority to those that are most needed at the current time. Most topics will include both a “Tutorial: ___” of step-by-step instruction and and “Understanding: ___” which explains the topic and its implementation in Telos at a non-technical level. For example, understanding arbitration is very important on Telos now because we need to begin electing arbitrators. So, I am completing both a “Tutorial” describing how to vote for and run for Telos arbitrator candidates, as well as an “Understanding” article about what Telos arbitration is, how it works, and why it’s important. After arbitration, the next most pressing topic is the worker proposal system, so there will soon be “what it is” and “how to do it” articles about WPS.

I hope you will keep an eye out for these articles. My goal is to make it easy to understand and participate in governance for every Telos user who wishes to do so, and to encourage those who don’t want to of some of the importance in taking part in the guidance and governance of the chain.

— Douglas Horn,

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