A Beginner’s Guide to the Telos Network and its expanded functions and governance.

Telos User’s Guide Introduction

“Telos needs a user guide to attract and retain general computer users and to help all users better understand the various features, advantages, and ways to participate in governance of the chain.”

Understanding: Telos Resolve Arbitration and Elections

“Most computer users are not prepared for a world where there is no form of account recovery whatsoever and will not dedicate their funds to a system with no protections. To reach mass adoption, blockchain needs to develop a way to help these users while still retaining the advantages of an immutable blockchain.”

Tutorial: Telos Resolve

“Telos uses elected arbitrators to resolve disputes between users and help recover lost, stolen or mistakenly sent funds. This tutorial demonstrates how to nominate oneself as a Telos arbitrator candidate and how to vote for candidates.”

Understanding: Telos Resolve — The Arbitration Process

This chapter is a lengthy and technical in-depth explanation of the arbitration process to allow Telos arbitrator candidates and parties undergoing arbitration to better understand the process.

Understanding: Telos Works Work Proposal System

“Worker proposals are the way that Telos provides for and selects projects to fund in order to continuously develop, promote, and advance the Telos blockchain.”

Tutorial: Telos Works Work Proposals

“All users can vote to determine how network funds are used. This voting means that the Telos users direct how the chain will grow by what proposals it chooses to fund.”

Understanding: Telos Amend Governance Voting

“Telos recognizes that blockchains need a better way to build community consensus about governance changes and ensure that users have a strong voice in addition to developers and validators. To do this, Telos offers the ratify/amend governance voting process.”

Clause by Clause : Interpreting the TBNOA

This article looks at the Telos Network Operating Agreement (TBNOA) and breaks down each clause to make it easier to understand. If you ever need to understand how Telos is governed and what the rules re around here, this is the document where you can find clear answers.

Understanding: Telos REX Resource Exchange

Telos REX is a way to receive a high yield on a cryptocurrency with strong technical development and leading blockchain features. The current annual percentage rate yield for Telos REX is over 30%. Remarkably, this high yield is not earned at the expense of inflation. In fact, Telos is currently the only third-generation blockchain with 0% inflation.

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Tutorial: Telos Amend Governance Voting

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