Game of Blockchain

Things at GoodBlock have become very exciting. We are working on preparing our first “pretty” playable demo of our upcoming game Drakos Keep. We’ve been using a playable version of the game for many weeks, of course, that’s how you build and test a game. But a lot of us come from a company where we made games with index cards and only spent time building fancy stuff once the games became closer to finished. So creating a version that we would actually show to outsiders is a big step. Now, that doesn’t mean that the game won’t change a lot between now and when it is released this summer. Games never stop growing and evolving, even after they are released. You keep learning new ways to improve on what you have.

A blockchain is a lot like a game in that way. Telos has been launched now for over three months and nearly 21 million blocks — that’s a lot. But it is never really “finished.” In fact, one of the greatest strengths that Telos has is its ability to quickly adapt. We talk a lot about how Telos is the world’s most advanced governance blockchain, but what that really means is that it is the blockchain that is able to respond most quickly to the desires of its stakeholders. When a thing can respond quickly to the wants and needs of those engaged with it, then it can remain relevant and evolve along with what the users want — as measured by the most users. This greatly reduces the chances of splintering of the community because the majority’s needs are addressed and those not in the majority still have the ability to effect change through the political process. Ethereum, for example, does not have this and as a result, only the core developers have the ability to guide its evolution in a meaningful way. Because of this, it must eventually fall behind blockchains like Telos where the users guide growth by voting on the operating rules, and voting on the funding for the developers who will execute those rules (as in, “Build the governance functions we voted for or we’ll stop paying you and pay other ‘core developers’.”) We even get to vote on who will judge over disputes.

It probably seems odd at this moment in history to say that Telos will overtake Ethereum. But it must happen because not only does Ethereum lack the ability for general users to guide the development of the chain towards their needs, but it also lacks the capacity to somehow build this ability. It simply cannot get there from here. A lot of blockchain technologies fall into this camp. How will they ever build better governance when there governance gives them no opportunity to evolve?

So, in the game of evolving the best possible blockchain, Telos has a massive leg up. Yes, in the very short term, we are behind. But we are poised to support the horde of general computer users who want to have a meaningful say in how their blockchain works — without needing to be developers themselves. At the moment, only Telos offers this. Developers DO care about this. They are coming to Telos. Stay tuned because this has been a pretty good week and next week will be even better for Telos!

— Douglas Horn

Arbitrator Elections status

Arbitrator elections are underway, and all nominees have passed the 1m vote threshold! Be sure to cast your vote for as many arbitrators as you’d like! If you’re interested in arbitration, check out our Telos User Guide tutorial.

The new election has begun! Be sure to vote by April 25th at 19:32 GMT.

Worker Proposals of Note

Ended and passed!

WP #7 “Financing initial resources for Cards & Tokens”

Voting closes: April 8, 21:01 UTC+1

40,000.0000 in 2 cycles to ‘cardsntokens’ to buy resources for the Cards & Tokens platform

Yes: 3,776,061 | No: 570,698 | Abstain: 3,706,575


WP #6 “WordProof — Open Source WordPress Telos Plugin”

Voting closes: April 7th 15:48 GMT

300,000.0000 TLOS in 5 cycles to ‘wordprooftls’ to fund an open source Telos WordPress plugin.

Yes: 3,842,448 | No: 682,198 | Abstain: 3,169,130

Brand New!

cc32d9: Chronicle + History Indexer (#8)

Voting closes: Sat May 11th 17:00 GMT +0100

100,000.0000 TLOS in 2 cycles to ‘cc32dninexxx’ to help fund a scalable Chronicle + History Indexer project.

Yes: 0 | No: 0 | Abstain: 7

Here’s what happened this week:

  • CoinTiger exchange opens TLOS trading
  • EOS World Expo Opening in San Francisco this Weekend
  • Telos-funded WordProof offers early updates
  • SeeMyTelos block explorer launched by Telos UK
  • The TelosFLAME project begins!

CoinTiger exchange opens TLOS trading

After a one-day delay from its planned April 11th listing date, CoinTiger has started trading TLOS tokens on its platform as of today. CoinTiger is rated as the 29th highest volume exchanges by CoinMarketCap on its “Adjusted Volume” list which discounts unsubstantiated volume which is reported by many exchanges (interestingly, CoinTiger seems to receive no signficant volume markdown by CMC between their “Reported” and “Adjusted” volume lists, suggesting that they do not take part in this practice).

Listing TLOS on CoinTiger is an important step towards getting TLOS listed on CMC, and therefore greatly increasing its visibility in the crypto world. Achieving this listing will require listing TLOS on two more CMC-approved exchanges — which is already in process for this month — and meeting a certain amount of total trading volume. It’s exciting to see this big step and if you see a Telos Foundation board member, be sure to give them a big hug for making this happen.

EOS World Expo Opening in San Francisco this Weekend

Many in the EOS and Telos community will be heading to San Francisco this weekend to take part in the EOS World Expo on April 13–14. Special guests expected include early EOS investor Brock Pierce and the designer of the EOS “Chestahedron” symbol, Frank Chester. The Telos Foundation and GoodBlock are both sponsors of the event and will be in attendance. Come see us and get a voucher for a free special edition Drakos Keep dragon egg!

Telos-funded WordProof offers early updates

This week, the worker proposal for WordProof easily passed as received 300,000 TLOS to fund the creation of the EOSIO blockchain-based WordPress timestamping plug-in. There are 75 million WordPress publishers without a good way to prove the publication times of their articles. WordProof developer Sebastiaan van der Lans aims to solve this problem the way he solved the problem WordPress publishers had with GDPR compliance. In doing so, he is likely to drive millions of users to the Telos blockchain as their first real blockchain interaction.

Sebastiaan has already released a proof-of-concept video about WordProof to show it working, albeit at an early level. He also wrote a lengthy Medium article about the process of funding new open source software via Telos worker proposals. He says that this is the future of open source software, which is pretty fantastic. I expect that this will bring exciting new projects to Telos.

Watch the proof of concept video:

Read the Medium article on funding OSS:

SeeMyTelos block explorer launched by TelosUK

Telos block producer Telos UK released a convenient new Telos block explorer this week called SeeMyTelos ( It allows users to easily track their TLOS and other tokens across multiple accounts from one page using the “calculated balances” feature. This is another great contribution from Telos UK whose other contributions include the site — a gamified training ground for onboarding new users, popular YouTube series, Car Share, and TF board service by Jim Hewitt as board president. Way to go TelosUK!

The TelosFLAME project begins!

Telos BP 21Zepher has launched a Telos-based “pass the torch” token game called TelosFLAME. This consists of a single, indivisible token that users can transfer from one account to another. The first transfer was from ‘21zephyr1111’ to ‘telosdouglas’ (hey, that’s me!) on April 10th. I quickly passed it on to ‘dankbongrips’ who was the first person in the Telos Community Telegram chat to respond. It will be fun to see how the FLAME token gets passed around. If you get it, be sure to pass it on quickly!

You can view the progress of the FLAME token here: (Select “other transfers” to filter only FLAME token transfers.)

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

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