Busy, Busy

This week and the next few are especially busy around GoodBlock. We are preparing to attend and present at both EOS World Expo in San Francisco April 13–14 and Blockchain Expo Global in London on April 25–26. These are great opportunities to talk about Telos and also about GoodBlock’s projects. We plan to show some live game play from Drakos Keep at these events. Drakos Keep is intended to be the first major new type of blockchain game. So it’s very exciting and a little daunting. So I’m going to keep the intro short here and just get back to work. 🙂

Have a great week!

— Douglas Horn

Arbitrator Elections status

Arbitrator elections are underway, and all nominees have passed the 1m vote threshold! Be sure to cast your vote for as many arbitrators as you’d like! If you’re interested in arbitration, check out our Telos User Guide tutorial.

The new election has begun! Be sure to vote by April 25th at 19:32 GMT.

Worker Proposals of Note

Ended and passed!

WP #5 “Telos Core Devs WP #1 — Fund TCD for Work Done Since Launch”

Voting closed: April 3, 22:46 GMT

800,000.0000 (1 cycle) to ‘teloscoredev’ as financial support to the Telos Core Devs for support and work to date. No required deliverable. https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmYq7MWJcbYjPqsKyeA2Gdaupqy1Mf4cMxS6GxA9fPh4dh/

Yes: 5,802,513 | No: 620,085 | Abstain: 3,539,527

WP #4 “SteemChurch Telos Expansion (resubmission)”

Voting closed: March 31 10:50 UTC

15,000.0000 (7 cycles) to accounts.jc over 6 months funding for a Telos referral program, onboarding process, blockchain participation and ongoing community development in developing nations. This is a resubmission of WP#2 which was submitted for the incorrect amount.


Yes: 439,864 | No: 0 | Abstain: 0


WP #6 “WordProof — Open Source WordPress Telos Plugin”

Voting closes: April 7th 15:48 GMT

300,000.0000 TLOS in 5 cycles to ‘wordprooftls’ to fund an open source Telos WordPress plugin.


Yes: 3,842,448 | No: 682,198 | Abstain: 3,169,130

Ending soon:

WP #7 “Financing initial resources for Cards & Tokens”

Voting closes: April 8, 21:01 UTC+1

40,000.0000 in 2 cycles to ‘cardsntokens’ to buy resources for the Cards & Tokens platform


Yes: 3,644,196 | No: 570,698 | Abstain: 3,046,674

Here’s what happened this week:

  • Teloscope releases the Telos Killer Dapp on April 1st

at https://theteloscope.io/killerdapp/ on April Fool’s Day

  • Telos Core Devs Worker Proposal #1 has passed!
  • SteemChurch WP passes
  • ProxiBots pays out first staked token rewards
  • The Telos Foundation will be sponsoring EOS World Expo
  • Telos IPFS system ready to begin serving dapps
  • Arbitration system update https://medium.com/goodblock-io/telos-arbitration-system-update-6f435889d31c
  • Telos will be represented at the world’s largest blockchain expo in London on April 25th-26th.

Teloscope releases the Telos Killer Dapp on April 1st

We’ve all been waiting for that first killer dapp to hit blockchain and especially Telos. Well, thanks to The Teloscope, it is finally here. On April 1st, block producer, Chainspector developer, and all around great Telosians, TheTeloscope released their Telos Killer Dapp. (By no means should we read any significance into the date!). Anyone ready to feast their eyes on the future can try it out at: https://theteloscope.io/killerdapp/

Telos Core Devs Worker Proposal #1 passes

The first worker proposal submitted by the Telos Core Developer team has now passed. The 800,000 TLOS award for work already performed was shared by the ten recipients. An update on the TCD’s projects and future plans is available here: https://medium.com/goodblock-io/telos-core-devs-update-april-5th-2019-8402ff8be531

SteemChurch WP Cycle 1 passes

SteemChurch, a Telos-based user group that administers to religious and social needs in Venezuela, Nigeria, and Ghana, has passed the first cycle of its worker proposal. The WP requests 15,000 TLOS per month for six months to create free telos accounts, onboard users, and generally promote Telos throughout its communities. Voting for the proposal begins anew with each 29 day cycle and Telos users will need to renew votes in each cycle period. Read more about the SteemChurch proposal here: https://steemit.com/steemchurch/@sirknight/steemchurch-telos-worker-proposal-001

ProxiBots pays out first staked token rewards

On March 30th, the Robotics control dapp, ProxiBots paid out the first of its staking rewards to those who staked the ROBO tokens it airdropped recently. ProxiBots will be sharing a portion of its earnings every week proportionate to all staked tokens. Telos account holders can stake their tokens at the ProxiBots.io site using scatter with the Telos smart contract interface at proxibotstkn::stake.

The Telos Foundation will be sponsoring EOS World Expo

The EOS World Expo will be happening in San Francisco next Saturday and Sunday. This will be a large congregation of EOSIO professionals and enthusiasts. The Telos Foundation is one of the sponsors of the event. GoodBlock is also sponsoring and hopes to be showing an early version of live gameplay from our upcoming game Drakos Keep. We should even be having some special dragon eggs to give away.

EOS World Expo: https://www.eosworldexpo.com/

Telos IPFS system ready to begin serving dapps

Decentralized storage is an important, but missing function for decentralized apps. Telos has added a functional version called Telos IPFS or TIPFS since before launch. Now, about a dozen block producers and other node providers will be rolling out TIPFS as a service to dapps that need it. This is a first of its kind service in EOSIO. TIPFS has a long term migration plan to Filecoin via a Filecoin-Telos bridge. More details are available in this update: https://medium.com/goodblock-io/telos-ipfs-prepares-to-launch-for-dapps-fc652e58bbf8

Arbitration system update

The Telos arbitration system is making great progress. We have elected arbitrators and are even working on the second election. To fully use arbitration, however, we need to complete the smart contract-controlled arbitration portal that both arbitrators and parties will use to manage the entire arbitration process. This week, I released an update about the progress for this. The current expectation is that arbitrators will be able to start accessing the site for training next week with the portal fully opening around the third week of April. Read more here: https://medium.com/goodblock-io/telos-arbitration-system-update-6f435889d31c

Telos will be represented at the world’s largest blockchain expo in London on April 25th-26th

Blockchain Expo Global will occur in London on April 25–26. It is billed as the world’s largest such event with 12,000 attendees expected. The Telos Foundation has sponsored a booth and I have been invited as a speaker to discuss Telos. The attendees and speakers look to be very business focussed and representing enterprise computing companies. This is a tremendous opportunity to discuss Telos with major businesses who may build proofs of concept for their business processes. It is a major opportunity for us to grow our blockchain! Learn more here: https://blockchain-expo.com/global/

EOSEX.com is back online

The exchange eosex.com was offline for most of the week due to technical difficulties but has returned to service. Welcome back!

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

More about GoodBlock can be found at: www.goodblock.io

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