Learning Telos a Piece at a Time

For the past several weeks I’ve been discussing Telos topics such as the Original snapshot and the airdrops that followed, and then the arbitration elections process. There’s a lot to learn about Telos and I’m trying to help deliver it in digestible pieces. There was a time before the launch when I thought we would be electing arbitrators, launching worker proposals, and submitting the first governance ratification on the first day just because we could. But I’ve come to realize that just because we could do all of these things right away doesn’t mean that would be a good idea.

Telos is complex. Blockchain is complex and EOS is more complex than typical blockchain. Telos is even more complex than EOS because it adds more explicit governance as well as many governance pieces that don’t exist on EOS yet. Throwing all of this out there at one time is more likely to confuse users than to excite them, I’ve come to believe. So I’ve been trying to write about these governance pieces along the way and introduce new concepts once I had some writings done. This started with the Telos Foundation board election and progressed to arbitrator nominations and elections. Now that these are well underway, I intend to start talking about worker proposals. Worker proposals are how we will grow Telos. EOS did not build a way to support user-voted initiatives and there is a lot of difference of opinion about how to proceed with their savings set aside for this. For Telos, however, the need and plan for worker proposal system inflation is very clear: it is how we can attract and retain developers to continue building new innovations for the Telos chain — things like TIPFS and online voting portals. It’s also how we will sponsor advertising, conferences, and other user-led initiatives for improving and promoting the chain. The Telos Foundation will also perform these actions, but it’s important that users themselves can determine how the chain will grow. So look for new chapters of the Telos Users Guide soon about how WPS works and how to use it.

Now that we’ve gotten past the first Telos snapshot — and are already receiving our first airdrop from it — people are getting used to the benefits of engaging with their accounts so that they are counted. A new snapshot will be coming Thursday of this coming week, so if you have not already used your Telos accounts, get on it. I’ve heard that Viitasphere and other apps may be having Telos airdrops in the near future, and while I do not have any official confirmation or details at this time, I think it makes a lot of sense to be sure any Telos accounts out there are listed with their full holdings at block 12 million.

Have a great week!

— Douglas Horn

Here’s what happened this week:

  • Qubicles completes airdrop for Telos Original Snapshot holders
  • Arbitration nominations have ended, elections have begun
  • EOSImpera team announces 3,000 TLOS writing contest
  • INFEOS project launches, offering Telos compatibility
  • The Teloscope launches Chainspector tool
  • Second Telos snapshot is coming 2019–02–21

Qubicles completes airdrop for Telos Original Snapshot holders

On February 9th, Qubicles, a Telos-based app that manages call center resources, completed its airdrop to Telos accounts listed on the Telos Original Snapshot. Each account on the Telos Original snapshot was given approximately 1 QBE token for every 5 TLOS recorded on the snapshot. TFRP accounts were capped to maximize tokens distributed to the majority of Telos accounts. QBE tokens can be viewed in Sqrl and other wallets by adding the QBE token at address qubicletoken. For more information about Qubicle see qubicles.io

Arbitration nominations have ended, elections have begun

The historic first Telos arbitrators election has taken another step, as the nomination period ended on Thursday, February 14th and voting began. Four arbitrator candidates registered during this time. GoodBlock led a late drive to offer special .arb account names to arbitrator candidates in the hopes of reducing future confusion about arbitrator accounts. Three of the four candidates were able to take part in the free namespace account creation.

Voting continues until March 15th. Users may vote for arbitrators using the Sqrl wallet Governance | Arbitration panel. An online portal is currently being built by the Telos Core Developers (primarily by developers from EOSphere). It’s also possible to vote from command line wallets like Teclos or Cleos. Users may vote for as many arbitrators as they choose. Arbitrator candidates will need to achieve a minimum threshold of votes in order to qualify as arbitrators. The Telos BPs are currently considering a proposal setting that minimum number of votes at 1 million.

EOSImpera team announces 3,000 TLOS writing contest

Italian BP EOSImpera has announced a Telos essay contest called “The Contamination Lab” with a prize of 3,000 TLOS for the best essay 500 words or less on the topic of “New ideas for Dapp development for the Telos Network.” The contest deadline is March 7th, 2019. Contest rules and details are available at: https://steemit.com/telos/@eosimperabpi/telos-contamination-lab-1st-edition-or-spread-the-idea-or-new-ideas-for-dapp-development-based-on-telos-network

INFEOS project launches, offering Telos compatibility

Infinite X Labs, has released INFEOS, an EOSIO development environment and set of Dapp templates to speed development for EOSIO apps on EOS, Telos or Worbli. With INFEOS, developers can quickly and easily spin up the blockchain of their choice as a development environment and begin creating new Dapps from project templates — even without a deep understanding of EOSIO programming.

Learn more at: https://medium.com/infinitexlabs/infeos-the-eosio-universe-in-your-hands-22d928ec6ee3

The Teloscope launches Chainspector tool

Block producer The Teloscope has been creating a bunch of great stuff lately from a Telegram bot to their SensorDapp series of Telos development articles. Now they have released Chainspector.io, “a swiss-army knife” of tools for viewing the Telos blockchain. It includes a dashboard of network statistics, a voting scope to look at how accounts and proxies vote for BPs, a snapshot viewer, and more. Chainspector.io is a great new way to look at the Telos blockchain. https://chainspector.io

Second Telos snapshot is coming

While the Telos Original Snapshot at block 6 million seems like it was just last week, in fact, over 5 million more blocks have passed and the next Telos snapshot is due to occur on Thursday February 21st at around 7:30 UTC. Like the Original snapshot, the block 12 million snapshot will capture the liquid and staked balances of all Telos accounts that have been used at least once and store them on the blockchain for airdrops to use. Any account already on the Original snapshot will also be captured on the block 12 million snapshot at its balance as of that time. New airdrops are coming so if you did not get recorded on the Original snapshot, be sure to use your account at least once so that it can be included on the next one!

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

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