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The past two weeks’ reports have been chock full of amazing additions and new deployments on Telos. This week we can catch our breath, just a little, though there is still a whole lot going on!

Many of the events of the week are further developments of the flurry of recent activity. For example, last week we debuted on Blocktivity and this week we have climbed in the rankings to reach the #2 spot in both 24 hour activity and record activity. Last week we reported on the project to capture the Telos Original Snapshot, and this week it has been fully recorded on the Telos mainnet (check your own account below!). Last week Telos was listed on the coin tracking app Blockfolio, and this week it is also debuting on the coin tracking website Last week the amazing blockchain Minecraft-style game EOS Planet announced they would soon create a Telos version, and this week, Telos Planet is live and already has a giant user-built acorn logo floating in the sky!

Of course, we also have some brand-new news, such as the announcement of the first ever GoodGrant recipient, the beginning of the historic first ever election of blockchain arbitrators, and the official announcement of GoodBlock’s own break-the-mold blockchain game that is coming soon to Telos, Drakos Keep.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

— Douglas Horn

Here’s what happened this week:

  1. First Telos arbitrator election announced
  2. Telos listed on Livecoinwatch
  3. TelosPlanet launches
  4. Telos original snapshot update — official counts released
  5. Telos reaches #2 on Blocktivity
  6. GoodGrant program announced their first GoodGrant Recipient —!
  7. launches on Telos
  8. Drakos Keep game site launched

First Telos arbitrator election announced

Telos is about to take a big step towards being able to resolve disputes on the blockchain including hot issues like restoring lost accounts and attempting to protect accounts from theft. Telos is the world’s first blockchain to have dispute resolution arbitrators elected by the tokenholders. And now the first election is about to begin.

The legal basis for Telos arbitration and elected arbitrators has been in place since before launch, as described in the Telos governance documents. However, preparing for the actual election still required a few important milestones: updating the arbitration contract, onboarding enough active Telos users to consider the election legitimate, and providing educational materials about the election and arbitration processes.

This week, I published an article proposing that all three of these requirements had been met and it was time to begin the election process. There are clear Telos User Guide chapters outlining the process and providing a step-by-step tutorial for both becoming a candidate and voting. We also know from the Telos Original Snapshot that a sizeable amount of Telos accounts are now active, so the election would not risk being carried out by a tiny amount of accounts that would skew the result. Finally, a new version of the Arbitration contract is now available from the Telos Core Developers.

The block producers are expected to approve the timeline for implementing the new Arbitration contract code and initiating the election. If so, the one-week nomination period for arbitrators will begin on Monday, February 4th. Voting for arbitrator candidates would begin Monday, February 11th, and continue for 29 days until March 11th.

This will be a historic moment for Telos and blockchain in general. You can read more in the article, Telos Arbitrator Elections are Coming.

Telos listed on Livecoinwatch

The cryptocurrency project tracking site, Live Coin Watch, started tracking Telos this week. LCW is one of the most popular coin tracking sites after Coin Market Cap. LCW tracks coins and tokens not only by price but also looks at things like their code contributions on Github, and other meaningful metrics.

Telos debuted at number 2,462 on LCW’s ranking, but this appears to be due to some elements of the Telos listing that still need to be entered into the LCW database, such as total and circulating coin supplies. It seems that many of the exchanges listing TLOS are yet to be added. Still, it’s a great move forward for anyone who wants to easily follow the Telos price. Live Coin Watch joins Blockfolio in publicly tracking TLOS token prices and volume. Can CMC be far behind?

To view Telos on LCW, go to:

TelosPlanet launches

Last week, EOS Planet announced that they would deploy a Telos-based version soon. These guys move quick — Telos Planet has already been released! The game is similar to Minecraft in the ability to mine blocks and use them to build. But it has a distinct blockchain twist — you buy the blocks you mine and when someone else uses your blocks, they pay you a 50% premium on the blocks mined. Telos Planet also has its own Token, MINE, to share the value of the game as it grows.

Telos Planet is an extremely fun game to play and the tokenomics of Telos (due to the current low price) make it much more affordable to play Telos Planet than EOS Planet, since the blocks have the same initial costs, but are denominated in TLOS instead of EOS. Make your mark on Telos Planet at:

Telos original snapshot update — official counts released

The Telos Original Snapshot took place on January 17th at block 6,000,000 on the Telos blockchain. The data from that snapshot has now been validated by CalEOS, GoodBlock, KainosBP, and Telos Madrid and is recorded on the Telos mainnet. To check the balance recorded on any account, go to and substitute your account name for ‘accountname’ in Lower Bound.

The snapshot revealed some interesting figures on Telos usage so far. For example, about 25% of all TLOS tokens are currently in active accounts. Learn more at in the article, Telos Original Snapshot Update.

Telos reaches #2 on Blocktivity

Last week, Telos debuted on Blocktivity, a site that tracks the top 21 blockchains in terms of their transaction volume and capacity. After Telos has now been on for a full week, it has risen further in the stats. Telos spent part of the week in the #2 spot below EOS with as many as 7,275,687 transactions in 24 hours, which is also the #2 highest record. The average for the week was 2,363,839 tx/24 hours, which puts Telos in third place behind WAX. While many of these transactions were as a result of network load testing, it’s very clear that Telos has the capacity to be one of the highest volume blockchains in the world.

GoodGrant program announced their first GoodGrant Recipient —!

The GoodGrant program grants network resource staking to new apps deploying on Telos for their first year to allow them to build a viable business without the expense of staking their own resources. This week, was announced as the first GoodGrant recipient.

Teachology is an education site that empowers students and provides a marketplace for courseware. Founder Mina Brebawy is a math and science educator in Egypt who is planning to roll out Teachology to secondary school students across the country and then the world. Teachology already has over 2,500 mostly-daily users, making it one of the larger active user-bases around. Deploying on Telos and receiving the GoodGrant give Teachology more resources to expand this exciting program. Read more about it in the article, GoodGrant Recipient: launches on Telos

EOSNameSwaps is a decentralized app that helps buyers and sellers of EOS account names come together and make a deal. Recently, EOSNameSwaps added the ability to buy and sell account names on the Telos mainnet. See more at:

Drakos Keep game site launched

This week, GoodBlock launched the teaser site for our upcoming game Drakos Keep. Drakos Keep is based around dragons that grow through several phases of life and gain power through battling. The dragons’ traits are genetically determined and can be bred to create new unique dragon offspring that grow from eggs to hatchlings, juveniles, adults, elders, and finally ancient dragons. Dragon traits seamlessly integrate into images that resemble original fantasy art paintings.

The game is designed by the GoodBlock game design team, which has worked on many of top brands in card, tabletop, and console games including projects like Halo, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and a lot more. Drakos Keep is an original game dynamic that is fast-paced, strategic, and fun. You can learn more at the Drakos Keep website: and sign up to be notified about the secret Dragon Pre-sale, available only to mailing list members.

More about GoodBlock can be found at:

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