Hodgepodge of Amazingness

This week has been a hodgepodge of amazing developments for Telos. We’ve published our Roadmap & Developers (R&D!) page detailing all the great technical work we’ve done so far to build Telos and the people doing it. A new mobile wallet for Apple devices, Torus, is ready for download and looks super cool. The long-awaited (well, a couple of weeks anyway) EDNA token teleport from EOS to Telos has begun. Another casino site has deployed on Telos with games that look really fun and different from what was previously on our chain. There’s been a new airdrop of CNT from Card & Tokens. We just completed our second snapshot, and we’ve pushed out a new chapter of the Telos Users Guide about the worker proposal system — just in time for the first worker proposals to hit Telos. Anyone on Telegram can now create a free Telos account, and the price of TLOS has even enjoyed a nice pop against USD, which I’m sure we all appreciate. When you get a ton of great developments like that in just one week, it’s really hard to pick a favorite. So I won’t even try.

The only thing I’m more excited about for Telos than all the great stuff that happened this week is what I see coming over the next few weeks to come. I have to admit that the things I expect and get excited about always seem to take a bit longer than I expect, but they do happen. So some of the events in my short-term crystal ball include new exchange listings, getting listed on CoinMarketCap, arbitrators being elected — and soon after the first arbitration cases like lost keys and stolen accounts being adjudicated, worker proposals passing, ratification votes beginning, more great apps announcing and deploying on Telos, and new users joining via the free account creation tools that are proliferating. These things make me really excited about Telos going forward. I hope you are as excited as I am.

Have a great week!

— Douglas Horn

Here’s what happened this week:

  • EDNA begins teleporting tokens to Telos from EOS
  • New mobile wallet Torus available for iOS with Telos support
  • Telos Roadmap & Developers page launches
  • New gambling site Gamebet.one launches on Telos
  • Telos free account features added to Telegram and Math Wallet
  • Telos User Guide “Worker Proposals” chapter released — along with first proposals
  • Second Telos snapshot is captured
  • Cards & Tokens begins Telos airdrop on CNT

EDNA begins teleporting tokens to Telos from EOS

The DNA and privacy project EDNA took a big step forward with its deployment on Telos this week by beginning its “teleport” feature that allows EDNA token owners to transfer their EDNA tokens from the EOS blockchain to the Telos blockchain. Transferring tokens does not change their value: one EDNA token is one EDNA token whichever blockchain it is recorded on. To use the teleport feature, EDNA owners can go to https://beam.edna.life and connect their EOS account holding the tokens using Scatter or Sqrl. The value of EDNA tokens has experienced a strong price increase this week. At this writing it is up almost 40% over last week.

Greg Simpson of EDNA also appeared on Trybe video discussing some of the additional ways that EDNA’s DNA and blockchain technology can be used to combat wild animal poaching and human trafficking. It is a disturbing but inspiring video.

Read the EDNA teleport announcement: https://steemit.com/eos/@dna-with-greg/edna-announces-cross-chain-token-teleport

Watch the EDNA video on Trybe: https://youtu.be/oT9IYHoIa-Y

New mobile wallet Torus available for iOS with Telos support

Kibisis has launched Torus, a new iOS mobile wallet including support for Telos, EOS, and other EOSIO chains. Torus is currently available as a free beta version from Apple Testflight. Kibisis of Zug, Switzerland is founded, in part, by well known EOSIO thought-leader Eugene Luzgin of EOS Tribe as its CTO. Given Luzgin’s strong technical expertise in EOSIO, and the exciting early screenshots, I expect Torus will be a formidable mobile wallet for the Telos community.

Learn more about Torus at: http://kibisis.ch/ Download Torus beta from Apple Testflight: https://testflight.apple.com/join/Rkh83mtc

Telos Roadmap & Developers page launches

The Telos Foundation website just added its new Roadmap page which lists the current and upcoming features and projects in development, the Telos Core Developers team, and provides a comprehensive look at what the Telos developers have accomplished to date. Telos has done a remarkable amount of additional development and has the largest dedicated core developers group of any EOSIO blockchain, but few people realize this because until now there has not been a site to point to that displays this information. Unlike many roadmap pages that list nebulous agenda items and timing goals, the Telos Roadmap page includes a much more granular view of various projects, what developers are working on each, current status, estimated completion times and copious links to Github repositories and other resources. GoodBlock built and is maintaining the page for the Telos Foundation.

New gambling site GameBet.one launches on Telos

This week GameBet.one launched on Telos. GameBet currently includes four games: Dice, Blackjack, Texas Poker, and Three-card Poker for both EOS and Telos. The site also features a built-in chatroom feature for players to chat while playing. Welcome to Telos, GameBet!

Telos free account features added to Telegram and Math Wallet

The Telos Launch Group promise of making the first million new Telos accounts free to new users has already received enough funding for two million free new user accounts thanks to funds and a smart contract managed by the Telos Foundation. This feature has long been available through Sqrl wallet (naturally, since Telos Core Dev Marlon Williams created both the telos.free smart contract and Sqrl). However, these funds, have always been meant to be available to many apps, wallets and exchanges — provided they take steps to prevent abuse. Giving wallets and apps the ability to use these funds is a win for everyone since they can better reach out to users than the TF alone could, and because it significantly reduces the cost of deploying apps on Telos compared to any other EOSIO chain.

This week, mobile wallet Math Wallet has added the ability for each device to create one free new Telos account. Telos BP and Core Developer member The Teloscope also launched the ability for any Telegram user to create a free Telos account through the Teloscope bot, simply by providing a desired account name and set of public keys. With these new ways to onboard users to Telos, the network is taking powerful steps towards mass adoption.

Math Wallet can be downloaded here: https://mathwallet.org

The Teloscope’s guide to creating a free Telos account from Telegram is here: https://medium.com/@theteloscope/get-a-free-telos-account-in-seconds-through-the-teloscope-bot-c9ae5a40915e

Telos Users Guide Worker Proposals chapter released — along with first proposals

Worker proposals are an important function of Telos that allow Telos users to decide how the network will grow by allocating funds to development and promotion projects they support. I’ve written the next chapter in the Telos Users Guide about the worker proposal system (WPS) on Telos. Like most chapters of the TUG, Worker Proposals consists of an “Understanding” section that gives background on how the system works and why it was made that way, and a “Tutorial” section that provides simple step-by-step instructions for any action needed for voting on or proposing a worker proposal.

The publication of this chapter should make it much easier for anyone to create a worker proposal on Telos, so it’s likely that more proposals will be coming soon. However, even before this came out, voting was already underway on the first two worker proposals from BP Jijiplan and proxy Steem Church. These can be viewed and voted in Sqrl wallet and will be open for voting for 29 days.

Second Telos snapshot is captured

On Thursday at about 7:30 UTC, the block 12 million snapshot was captured, recording every Telos account that has been used along with its total TLOS balance (liquid and staked). This snapshot shows a healthy 6.4% increase in accounts in use (28,107) over last month’s snapshot (28,418).

Telos captures a snapshot of all accounts that have been used at least once every 6 million blocks (about 35 days) as a cost- and work-reducing amenity to Telos apps and as a way to consistently bring new Telos users into the system to receive airdrops. Information about the Telos “Original” snapshot at block 6 million has been captured for a month and used in some airdrops that have recently occurred such as Qubicles/QBE and Cards & Tokens/CNT. (next item!)

The snapshot is captured and validated through the efforts of Telos Core Developers J.T. Buice (Kainos BP), Jesse Schulman (CalEOS), Mikel Segurola (Telos Madrid) and Stephanie Sunshine (GoodBlock).

Cards & Tokens begins Telos airdrop on CNT

Cards & Tokens, a platform that allows anyone to create and gamify their own sets of collectible cards and non-fungible tokens has begun its airdrop on Telos users recorded on the Telos “Original” snapshot. The CNT tokens are being dropped 1:1 based on values recorded at block 6 million. To view the tokens, add the account ‘vapaeetokens’/ CNT to your custom tokens tracking in Sqrl wallet.

Learn more about Cards & Tokens at: http://cardsandtokens.com/home

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

More about GoodBlock can be found at: www.goodblock.io

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