New Year, New Opportunities

Welcome 2019! To be honest, to me everything since Spring 2018 has been a blur of activity around the EOS and then Telos launches. The New Year has taken me almost entirely by surprise.

After a massive effort to get Telos successfully launched before the year ended, I needed a bit of a break and so did everyone at GoodBlock and frankly, everyone in the Telos Launch Group. But the TLG is no more — and despite how much I liked all the people in it, I don’t miss it — and it’s not just because of the daily Zoom calls. Telos is now something that belongs to far more people than the TLG. We built it for them and they are embracing it wholeheartedly. You can see this in the social media participation, the token price, and the general activity around Telos.

In the past week or so (who can remember?) we’ve had EDNA announce they will deploy on Telos and begin preparing to teleport tokens from EOS to Telos, Qubicles also announce for Telos, and begin the process of transferring their Ethereum tokens to Telos. I think we just need a TRON and VeChain app to defect and we will have four aces. One reason this is so exciting is that the contracts that EDNA and Qubicles are using to migrate their tokens from EOS and Ethereum will be open sourced and reviewed by the Telos Core Development Team. These contract functions will be made freely available for any apps that wish to migrate their tokens to Telos.

A funny thing about my own downtime over the holidays. After I got about 2 good nights’ sleep, I became most excited about getting back to work on Telos. A lot of the things I, personally, do on Telos tend to go unnoticed (and I like it that way), but I want to give everyone a heads up on what to be looking for in the coming week. I expect to announce and provide a tutorial about both running for a Telos elected arbitrator position and voting for these. This is another groundbreaking Telos innovation that no other blockchain uses. The election is likely to start in about a week. So I will be getting that tutorial out and working with the other block producers and the Telos Foundation to set up the first election.

I’m also going to be putting out a roadmap on the goals for the Telos Core Developers for the next quarter. These are some exciting new features like TIPFS, REX, the Arbitration contract and portal, portals for Worker Proposals and Ratification. Updates to the monitor and Telos Foundation site, plus some exciting new features I want to propose such as a truly anonymous account creator (not free, but create all you like) because in some parts of the world anonymity is a life or death matter, and more. I’m excited to be sharing our development agenda. The Telos voters will ultimately guide all development on Telos by paying for it with worker proposals, so it’s good for you to know what we hope to add.

I also intend this week to introduce the first worker proposal on Telos — which means the first worker proposal in blockchain ever votable by all token-holders. I will also include a voting tutorial on WPS voting and submission as part of this. I am going to make a proposal for a group that almost every single Telos user directly benefits from: the wallet creators. So look for that WPS tutorial and a proposal to give some real funds — in TLOS — to the people behind Scatter, Sqrl, and Greymass eos-voter. Personally, I think it’s crazy that they have never received any community funds. If you want great tools and features, then you have to pay for them…or they won’t keep coming. I think Telos members understand that we will get the level of network that we pay to build. Fortunately, we have all the tools we need to make great ones and keep them developing for Telos far into the future.

This is the first Weekly Report of 2019 and the first that is published under the GoodBlock name and on our site instead of the Telos Foundation. I want to continue to share my thoughts and Telos news. Things may take on a bit more focus towards GB projects, just because that is where my own personal focus is moving. But I’ll try not to navel-gaze too much. GB is close to the action on a lot of Telos issues and I want to keep offering my perspective and news for anyone who cares to hear it.

Happy New Year. 2019 is going to be AMAZING for Telos!

— Douglas Horn

Here’s what happened this week:

1. Telos Foundation Executive Board Elected

2. Telos RAM Price Stabilizes at 99% of PGP

3. Qubicles — first Ethereum to Telos Token Teleport

4. Viitasphere Launches Telos Token

5. TLOS Prices Surge on ChainRift, EOSEX, AKDEX

6. Exchange Impersonators — Beware!

Telos Foundation Executive Board Elected

The Telos Foundation completed its election of 12 members of its Executive Board. I write about what made this election historic as the most comprehensive blockchain election to date in an article on our Medium page. In that article I also mention why GB only presented one candidate for the board and why I will not be running for the position of the TF Executive Director.

Read the article here:

Telos RAM Price Stabilizes at 99% of PGP

Resolved not to encounter the same problems of runaway RAM speculation that EOS encountered at launch, Telos uses a system with a Published Guidance Price that is periodically updated, and lightly supported by the Telos Foundation RAM Administration. Under Jan Smit (Dutch EOS) as interim RAM Administration Director, the Telos RAM price has quickly settled into a nice, boring price of 0.0987 TLOS per KB. This is 98.7% of the PGP of .1 TLOS per KB. A brief spike where RAM prices briefly reached as high as 2.5 times the PGP lasted for less than a day. Since December 25th, Telos RAM prices have been within 10% of the PGP and seem very stable going forward.

Qubicles — first Ethereum to Telos Token Teleport

Qubicles is an exciting real-world use app for allocating the resources of professional call centers built on a blockchain. Qubicles is the call center of the future and it is going to be deployed on Telos!

Marlon Williams of Telos Miami, a member of the Telos Launch Group, Telos Core Developers, a newly elected Telos Foundation Board member, and, let’s not forget, a member of the EOS San Francisco Hackathon Top-Ten — Team GoodBlock — and the developer behind your favorite wallet app, Sqrl, is also a founder of Qubicles. The blockchain-based elastic staffing platform for call centers has already started teleporting its Ethereum-based token to the Telos blockchain. This means that Telos will soon have at least 1,300 new users from the existing Qubicles tokenholders. A Telos airdrop may also be in the future. Qubicles is built on years of real world experience in the call center industry. With that kind of background, plus the experience of Marlon Williams, it is going to be a killer app, for sure.

The name of the Qubicles token smart contract on Telos is qubicletoken. You can see the teleporting has already taken off at

You can read the Qubicles white paper at:

Viitasphere Launches Telos Token

Viitasphere has announced that it will deploy on the Telos blockchain. Viitasphere bills itself as “the economy of the future, where everyday people, rather than a central power, control the economy. With Viitasphere every individual will have the ability to connect with one another on a peer-to-peer platform in order to request and provide services and goods for a cost determined by both parties, and paid in any manner they see fit. As a decentralized application built for the future we will be able to succeed in offering near instantaneous transactions without platform fees.”

Viitasphere has already released the contract for its VIITA coin, which was launched on the 10 year (+1 day) anniversary of the launch of Bitcoin. Although full details have not yet been announced, Viitasphere is expected to airdrop VIITA tokens to Telos members recorded on the Telos Original snapshot taken at block 6 million, approximately January 17th.

Learn more at the Viitasphere Steemit page:

TLOS Prices Surge on ChainRift, AKDEX and more!

TLOS has been trading on exchanges for almost two weeks now. While several exchanges are in the process of listing TLOS, it is currently trading with the most volume on ChainRift and AKDEX. More exchanges are coming onboard quickly, and you can see a full running list at

On ChainRift, TLOS/EOS, the most active trading pair, this week TLOS traded between a low of 0.039 EOS per TLOS to a high of 0.07895 EOS per TLOS. The price as of this writing is 0.730 EOS per TLOS or approximately $0.20 per TLOS. This has been more than a doubling in the past week and is setting a great kickoff for the TLOS token.

To trade Telos on ChainRift, sign up at

Exchange Impersonators — Beware!

A Telos account with the name ‘chainrifteos’, the account name that ChainRift uses to accept transfers on the EOS chain has been opened by a party that appears not to be ChainRift. They have disavowed this account and use the account ‘chainrifttls’ to process TLOS deposits and withdrawals on Telos. So far three accounts have erroneously sent TLOS tokens to this account. The account has not tried to move these funds, but it has also not returned them to their original owners. If you are sending TLOS tokens to ChainRift, please be careful to use the account name and memo field that they provide. Currently it is ‘chainrifttls’.

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