Happy Birthday EOS Mainnet

It’s the first birthday of the EOS mainnet today. One year ago control of the new mainnet transferred from the unnamed “appointed block producer” (ABP) to the block producers elected by the early voters. Crypto time is measured in mayfly-years and sequoia-years simultaneously: seeming to fly by or last a lifetime, all at once. So it’s both hard to believe a year has passed since EOS launched and hard to believe it hasn’t been a decade. (Telos, by the way, is almost exactly half a year younger, activating on December 12th, 2018.)

So many of us worked hard to help bring EOS to life, and our chains will always be the Irish twin sister chains of the EOSIO world, so it’s natural to celebrate this big occasion. There is a bit of a pall over the party, however, in that so many of those first EOS block producers who had led the EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG) for months are no longer serving as EOS BPs. And while many of these still lead EOS in terms of community and thought leadership, they do not get to contribute to the governance decisions that drive the chain. It would appear that EOS block producers are largely selected now by a conglomerate of large whale accounts — including exchange accounts voting what may not be their own tokens.

This situation is, of course, the scenario that many of us who launched Telos expected or feared would arise on EOS. None of us wanted to see this occur any more than climate scientists want to see glaciers disappear. Both are just predictions about what seems inevitable given the conditions.

Of course Telos exists for its own reasons and users, not as a response to actions on EOS. If anything, these developments just serve to demonstrate how Telos is coming into its own. Instead of trying to address voting collusion and concentration, Telos is expanding our governance to the first user-voted amendment proposals in EOSIO, or really in blockchain. As I write this, the Telos BPs are voting on a proposal to update the eosio.amend system contract to begin voting on ratification or amendment ballots. Sqrl wallet has been updated to support these ballots and to support REX immediately, should the “TED Plan” (Telos Economic Development Plan) be voted in by users. Whichever way people vote, the fact that the users decide the fate of the chain is an important milestone for Telos and all of blockchain.

The team at GoodBlock has been hard at work in the past few weeks preparing for the Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam where the Telos Foundation board voted to fund a booth for several Telos BPs to speak to enterprise computing companies that will be able to leverage and support our blockchain. The BPs participating in Telos Blockchain Solutions have created a number of impressive proofs of concept to show business ways that Telos can solve problems for them. The booth is going to be really impressive. Tokenized economies are certainly a big future for Telos, but probably not an immediate future for general adoption on any chain. Meanwhile, we know that businesses and industries need truly decentralized public blockchains like Telos to allow the trustless computing they require. Here, Telos is ideally suited to serve — and in the process build real use-cases of today for our chain.

I am excited about the opportunity to speak about Telos to this business audience at the Expo — twice this time. Once solo and once as part of a panel with industry leaders. It will be exciting to represent Telos with companies like Hugo Boss, Carrefour, Dietmann, and McKinsey on the stage. Perhaps before long, hearing Telos discussed in such company will seem normal.

Go Telos!

— Douglas Horn

Worker Proposals of Note


Telos YouTube and Website Promotion (#18)
Voting closes: Wednesday July 10th 21:03 UTC
20,000.0000 TLOS in 12 cycles to ‘promotetelos’ to promote Telos on the HodlEOS Youtube channel, Eosio.support, and Eosnewswire.one.
Yes: 564,412 | No: 196,973 | Abstain: 0

Ending Soon:

Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives (#9)
Voting closes: Fri May 17th 05:35 GMT +0100
155,000.0000 TLOS in 3 cycles to ‘romannanders’ to bolster the marketing and public relations efforts of the Telos Foundation in collaboration with the Telos Foundation.
Yes: 4,383,207 | No: 148,850 | Abstain: 0

Telos Promotion and Outreach (#10) (3rd cycle)
Voting closes: June 15th 15:54 GMT +0100
15,000.0000 TLOS in 12 cycles to ‘tlspromotion’ for past and future work promoting the Telos Network with articles and YouTube videos.
Yes: 1,901,483 | No: 551,067 | Abstain: 0

Telos Worker Proposal IBC Implementation (#11)
Voting closes: Sat May 11th 17:00 GMT +0100
100,000.0000 TLOS in 3 cycles to ‘nebulablocks’ to support servers, worker hours & buy enough EOS on Mainnet for RAM & CPU.
Yes: 409,317 | No: 743,691 | Abstain: 4,101


Financing Vapaee.io DEX development and review video (#12) (Cycle 2 of 3)
Voting closes: Tue July 2nd 11:03 UTC
140,000.0000 TLOS in 3 cycles to ‘cardsntokens’ to fund development and implementation of a new DEX for TLOS based tokens.
Yes: 2,477,086 | No: 344,839 | Abstain: 74,934

Ended and Passed!

Telos Core Devs WP #2 — fund 2 months of finished work by TCD (#15)
Voting closes: Mon June 10th 14:28 UTC
535,000.0000 TLOS in 1 cycle to ‘teloscoredev’ to recoup costs for development work already performed, outlined in IPFS doc.
Yes: 7,026,307 | No: 381,971 | Abstain: 1,085,556

The Telos Podcast — Professional YouTube Show & Podcast (#16)
Voting closes: Thu June 13th 20:13 UTC
25,000.0000 TLOS in 6 cycles to ‘gyztiobugege’ to fund a professional Telos-focused podcast and YouTube show.
Yes: 7,858,071 | No: 400,425 | Abstain: 84,034

Don’t forget to re-cast your vote for WPs that last multiple cycles. This feature helps to keep longer-term WPs accountable for deliverables, and let voters decide whether they think the WP is still of value to the network.

This week’s active multi-cycle WPs include:
Telos YouTube and Website Promotion
Telos Marketing Proposal
Financing Vapaee.io DEX development
IBC Implementation
Telos Promotion and Outreach
Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives
SteemChurch Telos Expansion

If you haven’t downloaded the newest version of Sqrl (1.0.6), you can find it here. New updates from TelosMiami include a refreshed UI for re-casting your vote for multi-cycle WPs.

We believe the worker proposal system is a big part of what makes Telos great, and highly encourage you to make your voice heard by voting responsibly on the governance of this blockchain.

Here’s what happened this week:

  • Sqrl 1.0.6 released including several new features
  • Teloscope team featured in regional newspaper, discuss Telos in interview
  • EOS USA News creates a video break-down of the TEDP
  • First Telos Foundation Grant Program ends June 15th
  • Teloscope announces a 500 TLOS award for helping to translate the Teloscope bot into new languages
  • Telos Foundation is getting prepped to go to Blockchain Expo Amsterdam to show off PoCs and demos to businesses

Sqrl 1.0.6 released including several new features

On Monday, Telos Miami released a Sqrl update (1.0.6) with lots of cool new features that we’re very excited about. The update includes Ratify/Amend voting and governance (Telos User’s Guide article to follow soon), updated WPS voting UI, and support for T-REX (Telos REX). T-REX is not yet deployed on mainnet, so it’s not available yet if you try to use it, but as soon as it is, you’ll be able to use Sqrl for it. With the new WPS voting UI, you can see quickly and easily what proposals you have or haven’t voted on, and what your vote was. If it’s a multi-cycle proposal that needs re-voting, it’ll show up as needing your vote again, making it easy to see proposals that need re-voting. You can also filter proposals by active, all, expired, and multi-cycle. Big thanks to Telos Miami for the hard work they’ve been putting in to make this update happen.

New Sqrl WPS voting UI

Teloscope team featured in a regional newspaper discussing Telos in interview

The Teloscope team has been busy with Chainspector, and The Teloscope Bot, and recently made the time to do an interview with regional newspaper, La Nueva Espana from Northern Spain. If you want to read the full article, you’ll need a subscription, but in it, The Teloscope as well as others spoke with the paper about various blockchain topics such as user governance, and they were able to throw a Telos mention in too. The Teloscope will also be representing the Telos Network on June 22nd at the Non Central Conference in Leon, Spain.

EOS USA News creates a video break-down of the TEDP

EOS USA News is featuring Telos again this week in a video helping to break down the TEDP and encouraging token holders to vote. Michael and Clay talk about each category of the TED Plan and break it down piece by piece, and also discuss how important it is as a TLOS holder to vote. Watch “Breaking down the TEDP” here. EOS USA News has featured Telos in several informative and easy-to-understand videos over the last few weeks, check out their YouTube channel if you haven’t seen any of their videos yet.

First Telos Foundation Grant Program ends on June 15

One of the Telos Foundation’s main goals is to provide grant opportunities to the eosio community. Focusing on development projects, the Telos Foundation Grant program is for any dev project that solidly benefits the network and the community to get additional support and funding to build on Telos. To apply, there will be a submission portal open between the 1st and 15th of each month, and afterwards, the Telos Foundation Grant Selection Panel will review and follow-up with applicants for a potential interview, or more materials if necessary. Winners will be contacted by the 28th of each month, and publicly announced at the end of the month. The Foundation is offering up to 100,000 TLOS per month, which could be split among applicable candidates that meet the criteria. For information on evaluation, terms and restrictions, and recipient requirements, see the full article on the Telos Foundation’s Medium publication.

If you didn’t get a chance to enter this month, be sure to enter the next one (at the beginning of July). We’re looking forward to seeing the cool new projects that come from the Grant Program.

Teloscope announces a 500 TLOS award for helping to translate the Teloscope bot into new languages

If you are a native speaker of your language, you could be eligible for a 500 TLOS award from The Teloscope team! In addition to their interview above, Teloscope is hard at work always improving the Teloscope Bot however they can. Currently they are looking for help with translating their bot into as many languages as possible, and asking the Telos community to help. They want the bot to be as global and inclusive as it can be, so please contact the Teloscope team if you’re interested in helping with any new language. There is high demand specifically for the following languages:

Standard Arabic

If this sounds like a good fit for you, check out their announcement and contact info at https://medium.com/@theteloscope/translate-the-teloscope-telegram-bot-to-your-language-win-500-tlos-84f2be05f885

Telos Foundation is getting prepped to go to Blockchain Expo Amsterdam to show off PoCs and demos to businesses

This week, the Telos Foundation will be represented at Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam, Europe’s largest blockchain conference and exhibition. The booth will have all sorts of cool demos and Proof of Concepts showing businesses why they should build on telos, such as robotics and supply chain solutions that are already running on Telos. GoodBlock’s own Douglas Horn will be doing a talk on blockchain for business at 3:00pm (CEST) on the 20th, as well as participating in a panel on blockchain solutions for enterprise on the 19th at 11:40am. If you’re around for the conference, stop by to say “Hello” to the Telos team at booth #289.

For more information on the conference, here’s the Blockchain Expo Europe website: https://www.blockchain-expo.com/

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

More about GoodBlock can be found at: www.goodblock.io

Join us on Twitter @GoodBlockio

Vote for GoodBlock on the Telos Blockchain Network @goodblocktls