Amsterdam Adventure

The Blockchain Europe Expo in Amsterdam has dominated my week. I’ll admit, it comes at a high cost, but it’s definitely worth the effort. These expos let us talk to real users about how Telos can help solve their problems. Major companies speak to us about how Telos might solve their problems. A lot of these companies are extremely well versed in blockchain — it’s obvious that they have been looking for a suitable solution to their needs for some time and have not found one. Almost all of these companies end up at the Telos booth for 20 minutes or more and leave with plans to continue the discussion. It’s very rewarding and exciting.

Our presence has grown impressively since just two months ago. We needed a bigger booth to accommodate all the cool new demos we were showing. I was invited to speak twice this time, once solo about Telos, and once on a panel with major industry players who have been identified as clear leaders in the enterprise blockchain space due to the projects they have already deployed. I think there is a very real chance that some or all of these companies may deploy pilot projects on Telos in time. I think we have refined our message to these kinds of businesses in just two months and they are seeing the connection for their needs quickly. London was great, but we were just starting to see the possibilities. Now we are better addressing their needs and concerns.

The biggest change from London is that now we have an actual organization that these Enterprise companies can work with. Before we launched Telos Blockchain Solutions, ltd, there was just no way that we could take the next steps with these companies. These enterprise customers don’t have a way to do business with a decentralized network. TBS creates a go-between that can work with them to deploy on Telos. This is a huge innovation that actually sets Telos apart from other decentralized chains. That is, if a chain is run by one company, then it’s not decentralized and can’t address the needs of companies looking for this. (The rest are all going to IBM.) If a chain is decentralized, then there’s no clear place to go to get a large enough consortium of partners that can act as a type of proxy for the chain that the Enterprise customers need. TBS is now starting to fill this role for Telos and that means we will be the first who can serve this market. I think big things are going to come out of it.

Now I’m excited to get back to our main work on advancing the Telos chain and, of course, making dragons with Drakos Keep. The past few weeks leading up to the expo were largely dominated by building our POCs. The travel schedule for getting over to Europe and back, plus working the expo all day always wipes me out for several days. But there are a lot of things I’m excited about working on now that the Expo is passed — starting with getting the voting started on the TED Plan. And of course, there will be tons of follow up meetings with all of the contacts we just made in Europe. So no rest, but lots of excitement. I can’t wait until we can share more of the news with the Telos community.

Go Telos!

— Douglas Horn

Worker Proposals of Note


Telos YouTube and Website Promotion (#18)
Voting closes: Wednesday July 10th 21:03 UTC
20,000.0000 TLOS in 12 cycles to ‘promotetelos’ to promote Telos on the HodlEOS Youtube channel,, and
Yes: 1,904,785 | No: 202,964 | Abstain: 0

Ending Soon:

SteemChurch Telos Expansion: resubmission (#4) (cycle 4 of 6)
Voting closes: Thu June 27th 11:51 UTC
15,000.0000 (6 cycles) to accounts.jc over 6 months funding for a Telos referral program, onboarding process, blockchain participation and ongoing community development in developing nations.
Yes: 3,539,113 | No: 98,376 | Abstain: 53,582

Ended and Passed!

Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives (#9) (cycle 2 of 3)
Voting closed: June 17th 06:35 UTC
155,000.0000 TLOS in 3 cycles to ‘romannanders’ to bolster the marketing and public relations efforts of the Telos Foundation in collaboration with the Telos Foundation.

Telos Promotion and Outreach (#10) (cycle 2 of 12)
Voting closed: June 15th 16:54 UTC
15,000.0000 TLOS in 12 cycles to ‘tlspromotion’ for past and future work promoting the Telos Network with articles and YouTube videos.

Don’t forget to re-cast your vote for WPs that last multiple cycles. This feature helps to keep longer-term WPs accountable for deliverables, and let voters decide whether they think the WP is still of value to the network.

This week’s active multi-cycle WPs include:
Telos YouTube and Website Promotion
Telos Marketing Proposal
Financing DEX development
Telos Promotion and Outreach
Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives
SteemChurch Telos Expansion

If you haven’t downloaded the newest version of Sqrl (1.0.6), you can find it here. New updates from TelosMiami include a refreshed UI for re-casting your vote for multi-cycle WPs.

We believe the worker proposal system is a big part of what makes Telos great, and highly encourage you to make your voice heard by voting responsibly on the governance of this blockchain.

Here’s what happened this week:

  • Telos now listed on block explorer and wallet
  • Telos Blockchain Solutions and Fair Winds Digital announce partnership bringing enterprise IoT solutions to Telos
  • WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg about WordProof: “It’s the coolest thing I’ve seen, so far!”
  • Telos block producers update the Ratify/Amend function to allow amendment voting — paving the way for voting on the TED Plan
  • Telos BPs attended Blockchain Expo Europe, show off POCs and demos to businesses

Telos now listed on explorer and wallet

EOS Cafe Block, creators of the popular EOSIO wallet and explorer, has announced that due to popular demand, they’ve added a Telos block explorer, available at EOS Cafe Block is a block producer on EOS with a mission to foster the mass adoption of EOSIO by creating helpful and easy-to-use tools, creating educational content, and more. The explorer is simple but thorough, and displays the current BP, head block, current and max TPS, current TLOS price including a 7 day TLOS price history, market cap, and a RAM calculator. Read EOS Cafe Block’s announcement on Medium here:

Telos Blockchain Solutions and Fair Winds Digital announce partnership bringing enterprise solutions to Telos

On June 19th, Telos Blockchain Solutions and Fair Winds Digital announced a partnership that will be a great opportunity for businesses to utilize the powers of Internet of Things along with third generation blockchain technology.

“The Telos Blockchain combined with our hardware and software IoT edge product offerings provide a one stop, end to end IoT solution for any use case, even the most challenging,” 
 — Michael Prisco, Managing Director, Fair Winds Digital.

Fair Winds Digital is a provider of the IoT Catalyst platform for IoT devices. Their mission is to help clients improve business performance through the adoption of digital technology with a friendly approach, helping customers design, roll-out, and operate IoT systems. They will be the preferred hardware partner for all of Telos Blockchain Solutions’ IoT projects, while TBS will be the blockchain partner of choice for Fair Winds Digital’s deployments.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg on WordProof: “It’s the coolest thing I’ve seen, so far!”

WordCamp 2019 has begun, and we’re very much looking forward to Sebastiaan van der Lans’ talk on WordProof this weekend. In a Q&A session with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, Seb was able to ask Matt what he thought of the project, and blockchain projects on WordPress in general. He replied that he is interested in the blockchain space and thinks the WordProof project is the coolest he’s seen yet. If you’re at WordCamp Europe, see Sebastiaan’s talk at 4:00pm local time on June 22nd.

“It’s the coolest thing I’ve seen, so far!”

The team also released an explainer video about WordProof timestamp as part of their website update that breaks down why WordProof is necessary and how easy it is for new users, blockchain savvy or not.

Telos block producers update the Ratify/Amend function to allow amendment voting — paving the way for voting on the TED Plan

This week, the Telos Core Devs proposed a multisig transaction to the active block producers to update the eosio.amend contract (aka Ratify/Amend). The action had been first tested on the Telos Testnet by Telos core developers to ensure proper operation. The mainnet multisig was approved by at least 15 of the 21 active BPs and has been pushed to the mainnet. This update will allow any proposed amendments, such as the Telos Economic Development (TED) Plan to be proposed for Telos voters. Once the TED Plan is proposed and the ballot is opened, users will be able to vote immediately using Sqrl 1.0.6 or higher. If you haven’t read about the TED Plan yet, read up on the details here.

Telos BPs attended Blockchain Expo Europe, show off POCs and demos to businesses

This week, several Telos BPs were in Amsterdam for Blockchain Expo Europe supported by the Telos Foundation. Douglas took part in a panel discussion about blockchain solutions for transparency and customer loyalty in enterprise use-cases. There was an impressive lineup, including representatives from Hugo Boss, Carrefour, McKinsey & Co, and Dietsmann alongside Douglas. He also had his own talk on day 2 covering the speed and capabilities of 3rd generation blockchains like Telos, and why enterprise solutions can benefit from launching on Telos.

Also representing Telos at the booth were Suvi and Ville from CryptoSuvi, Jim from Telos UK, Luis and Pablo from The Teloscope, and Richard from Telos DAC. Telos RAM Administrator Jan Smit of Dutch EOS also visited the booth.

Several proofs-of-concept presentations drew constant attention from expo attendees and the Telos booth was once again one of the more popular spots. Proxibots unveiled a blockchain-secured safe that was a very popular demo of a safe or lockbox controlled and monitored by contracts on the Telos blockchain. (watch the video here: and really drew some attention from attendees. This safe allows the owner to open and lock the safe using their private key, and also gives the ability to let a user of your choice open the safe when you choose, recording each time the safe is opened on the blockchain. These functions could also be controlled by multisig operations.

GoodBlock also brought two proof-of-concept apps involving IoT: a supply chain management system designed for product assembly lines and a building management system that tracks operating conditions such as temperature, humidity, and line voltage for data centers and other industrial buildings. Of course, all of this is immutably recorded on the Telos mainnet.

The Teloscope brought two projects, a live sound monitoring app that tracks decibel levels every half second to the Telos mainnet, and a real app being used for one of its customers (to be revealed soon) that is already running on Telos as a live application.

Special thanks to the other BPs that came to Amsterdam to represent the Telos Foundation and spent their time talking Telos to so many interested attendees!

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

More about GoodBlock can be found at:

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