Moving Past the Hype

Last week the EOSIO world was dominated by the much-hyped B1June event. A lot of us expected that their news would dominate the crypto news cycle. I can remember not too long before, seeing tweets from normally more sober commentators calling it “The biggest development in the history of crypto.” (More than the release of Satoshi’s whitepaper? Hmmm.) In short, it wasn’t. Block One will be releasing a tokenized Facebook competitor that will require KYC on all accounts and will not be available in the United States for the foreseeable future. Oh, the danger of overhyping your own announcements. Without the massive build-up, that would be a pretty decent news item.

Block One did release some things that I am much more excited about and that have a bigger impact on Telos, I believe. First, they announced upcoming code releases that will bring in some multi-threading and increase the speed and therefore capacity of EOSIO by 6 times or more. Since EOSIO-based blockchains already enjoy a significant lead in capacity and performance, this new release will allow our chains to pull away from the pack even further. Imagine the capability to process 2–3 billion transactions/operations per 24 hours on each chain. This is a truly momentous advancement and to me, that probably should have been the lead story — especially if you span that capacity across multiple public EOSIO blockchains. Three billion for EOS, three billion for Telos, suddenly you are talking real numbers.

The other release that I am excited about is the Strategic Vision — essentially a roadmap of what Block One is working on for the next year. As developers with finite resources, the Telos Core Devs don’t want to put a lot of effort into creating features that Block One is already focussed on. That would risk wasting what we do when we could better use that time on things they aren’t working on. Until now, all we had to go on were statements about what Block One planned for EOSIO someday. The Telos Core Devs have built a lot of “someday” parts of the EOSIO vision that Block One never got around to: WPS, Ratify/Amend, IPFS for example. But without knowing which new features they were working on we had to do a lot of guesswork. We delayed our IPFS implementation a few times due to tea leaf readings of their public statements seeming like they may have an imminent solution. So this roadmap will be very helpful for us to build our own development plans going forward. Perhaps the Telos Core Devs will also release our own Strategic Roadmap soon.

Though I sometimes sound like I am criticizing Block One, I want to be very clear that I feel that they bring more development to the EOSIO ecosystem than any other blockchain platform enjoys. I truly value what they bring and how they continue to build out what I feel is already the best blockchain platform in the world by far. I have some differences of opinion in some areas but at the most important levels, I highly respect Block One and their contributions to this space. I hope that Telos and GoodBlock can work with them more closely. And I would like to see Telos Blockchain Solutions ltd, as a EOSIO-specialist solutions provider form a close relationship with them.

Go Telos!

— Douglas Horn

Worker Proposals of Note


Edxserverus: Telos Art, Design & Culture (#17)
Voting closes: Wednesday July 3rd 11:37 UTC
20,000.0000 TLOS in 1 cycle to ‘accounts.jc’ to fund graphic design work for designer Luis Eduardo from Venezuela who is building digital assets for Telos and SteemChurch.
Yes: 852,911 | No: 389,386 | Abstain: 11556

Ending Soon:

The Telos Podcast — Professional YouTube Show & Podcast (#16)
Voting closes: Thu June 13th 20:13 UTC
25,000.0000 TLOS in 6 cycles to ‘gyztiobugege’ to fund a professional Telos-focused podcast and YouTube show.
Yes: 6,431,423 | No: 379,615 | Abstain: 83,933

Telos Core Devs WP #2 — fund 2 months of finished work by TCD (#15)
Voting closes: Mon June 10th 14:28 UTC
535,000.0000 TLOS in 1 cycle to ‘teloscoredev’ to recoup costs for development work already performed, outlined in IPFS doc.
Yes: 6,801,320 | No: 107,037 | Abstain: 1,032,179

Ended and Passed!

Financing DEX development and review video (#12)
Voting closed: Sun June 2nd 15:20 UTC
140,000.0000 TLOS in 3 cycles to ‘cardsntokens’ to fund development and implementation of a new DEX for TLOS based tokens.

Telos Marketing Proposal (#13)
Voting closed: Sun June 2nd 20:25 UTC
85,000.0000 TLOS in 4 cycles to ‘marketing1o1’ for marketing to increase Telos awareness among developers, crypto and non-crypto users, and apps already on EOS.

WordProof — Open Source WordPress Telos Plugin (#6) (3rd cycle)
Voting closed: Tue June 4th 18:14 UTC
300,000.0000 TLOS in 4 cycles to ‘wordprooftls’ to fund an open source Telos WordPress plugin. This is the third cycle of this Worker Proposal.

Don’t forget to re-cast your vote for WPs that last multiple cycles. This feature helps to keep longer-term WPs accountable for deliverables, and let voters decide whether they think the WP is still of value to the network.

This week’s active multi-cycle WPs include:

Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives
Financing DEX development
Telos Marketing Proposal
Telos Promotion and Outreach
IBC Implementation
SteemChurch Telos Expansion

At this time, to re-cast the same vote (yes|no|abstain), you need to choose one of the other vote options, then cast your intended vote again. Marlon from TelosMiami has announced that a Sqrl update is coming that will fix this, be sure to check for Sqrl updates soon.

Here’s what happened this week:

  • TEDP Amendment proposal is released by 22 block producers
  • Telos mobile wallet released in Google Play store
  • WordProof Timestamp is now on the WordPress plugin directory
  • Block One announces EOSIO development advances and Strategic Vision
  • VapaeeDEX Premium update is released
  • EOS USA News features “Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives” WP creators CJ and Katie
  • KOIN Gaming Dapp has launched on Telos

TEDP Amendment proposal is released by 22 block producers

The Telos Economic Development Plan (TEDP) was released on May 15th as a Request for Comment to the Telos Community. It was discussed in depth for a couple of weeks, and the Telos Foundation has released an update today. In the newly revised TEDP, 22 block producers have proposed revisions to the original based on community feedback from the RFC. The main difference is a reduction in the amount of TLOS allocated to block producers to the equivalent of 6% annual inflation.

Once an updated version of Sqrl is released that includes the new ratify/amend functionality, these proposed revisions are going to be submitted to the community for voting, with a 29 day voting period. We’ll also add a tutorial to our Telos User’s Guide once the update is available. The Telos Foundation’s announcement can be found here.

Telos mobile wallet released in Google Play store

This week, Worker Proposal #13 (Telos Marketing Proposal) passed, and with it came the team from Telos Venezuela and partners at Okto Studio with a marketing campaign focused on getting the news out about Telos. The Telos Venezuela team have been working on a Telos wallet for some time already and just announced its launch on June 4th. “Telos Wallet” can be found in the Google Play store, and is an easy-to-use wallet application that has features such as fingerprint sign-in, TLOS/FIAT price check, and multi-token support.

Follow the Telos Marketing Proposal team on twitter @telosfeed

WordProof Timestamp is in the WordPress plugin directory (their app store)

An announcement we’ve been looking forward to since April came from the WordProof team this week — “WordProof Timestamp” is now available in the WordPress plugin directory!

“This means that from now on it’s available from almost every WordPress Dashboard in the world” ~ Sebastiaan van der Lans

Sebastiaan and his team are preparing for their big product announcement and launch at WordCamp Europe on June 22nd. WordProof features anti-spam measurements via tokens (users get free WORD to get started) and a premium version that features time-stamped revisions in front-end so that publishers can maintain transparency and page visitors can do their due diligence. The team is no longer in need of further WP funds now that the majority of work on the plugin is completed, and so have assured the community that if the final proposal cycle passes, they intend to return the funds to the Worker Proposal System.

Block One announces EOSIO development advances and Strategic Vision

Shortly following their announcement of the VOICE platform on June 1st, released an outline defining their strategic vision for the EOSIO software. The areas they discussed prioritizing in their statement on the website were scalability, developer tools, user friendliness/security, and better flexibility and compliance around enterprise solutions. stresses that these areas of interest should be considered broad areas where they are looking to focus on consistent improvement. View the full statement at

VapaeeDEX Premium update is released

The first cycle of WP #12 passed over this past week, and with that, Viter of Cards & Tokens is just about to release the Premium version of Vapaee, the Telos DEX that has now been optimized for mobile use. Look for the update on Monday, and check out Viter’s announcement here:

EOS USA News features “Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives” WP creators CJ and Katie

EOS USA News has featured Telos once again, and this time, in an interview with CJ and Katie, the duo that works together on the “Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives” worker proposal. In the interview, Katie and CJ talk about why they came together to work on this project, when they each discovered Telos, and how to submit a Worker Proposal. Watch the video on EOS USA News’ YouTube channel here:

KOIN Gaming Dapp has launched on Telos

This week a new gaming app called KOIN launched on Telos. Koin Dapp’s Game Area includes several simple gambling games, including 2 different Dice games, an Instant Lottery, and Pool Lottery. Welcome to Telos, KOIN!

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

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