Voting for the blockchain you want to be

Telos is the most advanced governance blockchain in the world. For a long time, I’ve said that Telos will be the most… but we are reaching a point where the future tense is no longer necessary. Telos put the election and management of the Telos Foundation up to DAO voting. Now the arbitrators who will handle dispute resolution are halfway through their election period — and we are already sure that at least one of them has the necessary votes to pass the election threshold. So we will have dispute resolution once the election is complete. (Plus a little more work from the Telos Core Devs on finalizing this version of the Arbitration contract and online portals). That means that lost key replacement, at the very least is going to be handled. I even added a very simple way to extend this lost key recovery beyond just genesis accounts to any account that takes a simple step called ProveAccount (below).

Another big step this week is that the first Telos worker proposals have been submitted to the community for voting. Our worker proposal system is the only one in blockchain so far that can be proposed and voted 100% on-chain by any tokenholder and where no extra off-chain steps need to be taken in order for payment to occur. On Telos this is completely controlled by smart contract, making it truly decentralized — for the first time ever.

So the clock is ticking on having arbitrators actually elected and empowered to start receiving cases, and for worker proposals to be funded and paid out. These processes will have completed their first rounds in a few weeks. By then Telos will almost certainly have launched its first campaign to amend the governance documents or ratify those we have. Again, this will be done completely on-chain with no centralized off-chain steps necessary. And again, this will be the first time this has ever happened. At this point, it will be undeniable that Telos has not only left EOS in the dust, where governance is concerned, but also surpassed chains like DeCred and Tezos whose sole claims to fame are governance. I can’t wait until I can turn that statement into the present tense as well. It won’t be long.

With governance being such an important function on Telos, I’m updating my Weekly Report to include information about important ballots and elections, starting with this installment. I hope everyone likes the format update.

Have a great week!

— Douglas Horn

Arbitrator Elections status

The first Telos Arbitrator election passed the halfway mark this week and will end on March 15th. Because there are fewer candidates than available seats, each candidate that reaches the 1 million VOTE threshold will be elected.

Worker Proposals of Note

Worker proposals really got underway this week with two proposals

WP #3 “Reward Scatter for Supporting Telos”

Voting closes: March 30 0:46 UTC

50,000.0000 (1 cycle) to ‘scatter.tlos’ as financial support to the wallet Scatter for support of Telos users to date. No required deliverable.

Yes: 565,225 | No:338,655 | Abstain: 0

WP #4 “SteemChurch Telos Expansion (resubmission)”

Voting closes: March 31 10:50 UTC

15,000.0000 (1 cycle) to accounts.jc as 6 months funding for a Telos referral program, onboarding process, blockchain participation and ongoing community development in developing nations. This is a resubmission of WP#2 which was submitted for the incorrect amount.

Yes: 42,335 | No: 13,584 | Abstain: 0

Here’s what happened this week:

  • ProveAccount announced — a simple way to protect accounts with backup private keys to aid future recovery.
  • Detroit Blockchain Center hosts PitchFest 2019 with Telos & GB as a sponsors
  • EOS Dublin becomes the first Top 21 block producer on Telos from outside the TLG
  • Worker Proposals Go Live — Fund Scatter
  • ACORN UBI token launches on Telos
  • EOSMetal tool help users choose 12-character account names

ProveAccount announced — a simple way to protect accounts with backup private keys to aid future recovery.

As we move closer to having elected arbitrators who can help users recover lost and stolen accounts, it will mean even more if everyone can provide strong, ongoing cryptographic proof of ownership to any Telos account, not just EOS genesis accounts. This week, I announced a really simple way to extend the protection that genesis accounts enjoy from having been recorded on the ERD-20 snapshot along with an Ethereum address to new Telos accounts as well. It’s called ProveAccount and the best thing about it is how easy it is. You could do it in less than a minute. A lot less, actually. And it will give future arbitrators a way to cryptographically verify your account ownership so that arbitration is fast, certain, and therefore, less expensive.

The article describing it is really short (because it’s simple) and includes a full step-by-step tutorial with lots of pictures. Check it out and protect your accounts today!

Detroit Blockchain Center hosts PitchFest 2019 with Telos & GB as sponsors

EOS Detroit produced an inspiring event this week at the Detroit Blockchain Center. The 2019 Pitchfest was presented by EOS Detroit, the Detroit Blockchain Center and Fintech. It brought over 200 attendees and a dozen pitches for Dapps to be created around EOSIO blockchains. The Telos Foundation and GoodBlock were both among the sponsors of the event.


EOS Dublin becomes the first Top 21 block producer on Telos from outside the TLG

For the first two months of the Telos mainnet, all of the elected block producers have been members of the Telos Launch Group who worked for 6–7 months to build the chain. While this made a lot of sense because voters wanted to reward these pioneers, it was fact that people outside Telos could point to in attempts to lower Telos’s credibility by claiming it was centralized and only the BPs who had been in the TLG would ever be elected to top positions.

EOS Dublin demolished that argument this week when it was voted into the Top 21 Telos block producers. EOS Dublin has done a great job in educating people about Telos outside our current community and seems to be attracting more EOS fans to Telos. That is exactly how this DPOS thing is supposed to work. Congratulations to everyone at EOS Dublin. They are an exemplary block producer and Telos is very fortunate to have them with us!

Worker Proposals Go Live — Fund Scatter

Our worker proposals system (WPS) is up and running and people are proposing and voting new proposals. One of the first big ones is meant to give the wallet developer Scatter some funds. We’re proposing 50,000 TLOS or about $6,000 USD at the recent price of $0.12/TLOS. This hardly covers all the unpaid development Scatter has done so far benefiting everyone in the EOSIO community, but it’s a start. Users can create more funding proposals going forward. I’m hopeful that this proposal is taken up by Scatter fans far and wide. Many may come to use their Telos accounts for the first time simply to vote some funding to Scatter. Hey, let’s hope so!

Fans of Sqrl wallet, have no fear, we will be proposing the same type of funding for Sqrl at the beginning of next week. Since Sqrl developer Marlon Williams of Telos Miami is a part of the Telos Core Developers, that funding request will be rolled into the TCD proposal. (It covers 3 months with lots of developers, so that proposal is going to be pretty big. Brace yourselves!)

ACORN UBI token launches on Telos

A new token deployed on Telos this week by developer Fabiana Cecin. It’s different than most other tokens. ACORN is a token meant to explore Universal Basic Income. Any Telos account owner who activates ACORN tokens for their account will generate 1 ACORN each day. These can be claimed any time, or are automatically claimed whenever a user sends ACORN tokens.

Because ACORN tokens don’t have any real basis for value, they can be used with abandon. Their creator has put out an “Oracle” contract that will randomly answer a Yes or No question for 1 ACORN. A gambling game may be in the works. These make ACORN valueless, but actually something that can be used for fun or low- to no-value exchange much the way that DOGE coin was once used as a joke and later came to have value.

Read more about ACORN and how to claim yours:

The ACORN Oracle is described here:

EOSMetal tool helps users choose 12-character account names

Coming up with 12-character names for your new Telos accounts got you down? EOS Metal ends the workaday drudgery of picking a Telos account name with its name generator. Users can input a word to search for and receive many options for available account names. It even includes reverse letters and L33T text (letters are replaced by similar looking numbers). Next time you want a Telos account name about koalas, you know where to go!

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

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