Smell the Flowers

This week has been a bit slow on Telos news compared to most. That’s actually fine with me. After a slog of a winter at my house where the snow still hadn’t melted in many parts of my yard, I’m really happy to have spring arrive. (Can crypto spring be far behind?)

At GoodBlock we are preparing for a number of conferences and presentations where we will be talking about Telos and what we are building on it (like Drakos Keep) in the hopes of igniting a lot of interest. I know a lot of us are on the edges of our seats to hear what new exchanges have been brought in by the Telos Foundation board to help push TLOS onto CoinMarketCap. That’s probably some big news for next week. Having a little downtime from big news just lets me spend more time getting ready for these new things. So enjoy the short read, smell the flowers this weekend, and don’t be surprised if there’s tons to discuss next week.

— Douglas Horn

Arbitrator Elections status

On to the newest set of arbitrator elections! The next round of arbitration nominations have begun as there are still 17 available arbitrator seats. If you’re interested in arbitration, check out our Telos User Guide tutorial about it!

The new election begins on Wednesday, March 27th at 18:32 UTC.

Worker Proposals of Note


WP #6 “WordProof — Open Source WordPress Telos Plugin”

Voting closes: March 30 0:46 UTC

300,000.0000 TLOS times 4 cycles to ‘wordprooftls’ to fund an open source Telos WordPress plugin.

There was an error in submitting this proposal. The proposer meant to submit 4 cycles at 75,000.0000 TLOS each for a total of 300,000. Since the proposal cannot be modified, the proposer has made an update on-chain, asking for the full 300,000 TLOS for the first cycle which will get the WordPress plug-in created quickly for an upcoming conference and for any additional cycles that pass, he will return 225,000 TLOS and use the remaining 75,000 TLOS to further develop WordProof.

Yes: 2,827,304 | No: 794,730 | Abstain: 3,251,944

About to end:

WP #3 “Reward Scatter for Supporting Telos”

Voting closes: March 30 0:46 UTC

50,000.0000 (1 cycle) to ‘scatter.tlos’ as financial support to the wallet Scatter for support of Telos users to date. No required deliverable.

Yes: 6,060,450 | No: 629,342 | Abstain: 3,171,126

Here’s what happened this week:

  • New arbitrator ballot begins
  • Proxibots airdrops ROBO tokens
  • Drakos Keep announced first giveaway winner

New arbitrator ballot begins

On Wednesday, March 20th, the Telos block producers executed a multisig action to open the next Telos arbitrator election ballot. Prospective arbitrators will have until March 27th at 18:32 UTC to add their names to the ballot before voting begins. Already, four candidates have signed up. There are 17 open seats available. New elections will continue until all seats are filled. The block producers also have the ability to change the number of seats.

Proxibots airdrops ROBO tokens

The robot-controlling app Proxibots has completed its airdrop using the Telos Original snapshot. All listed accounts should have received ROBO tokens. These tokens can be staked to receive a portion of the Proxibots robot races income. You can also view the ROBO token on

The next Proxibots robot challenge will begin soon at

Drakos Keep announced first giveaway winner

GoodBlock’s dragon growing, trading, and battling game Drakos Keep gave away a free golded dragon egg to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Twitter user @VampishBeef was the winner. Congrats @VampishBeef! More giveaways are coming. To be eligible, sign up for the mailing list at

GoodBlock and Drakos Keep will also be at the EOS World Expo 2019 in San Francisco on April 13–14th with more dragon eggs to giveaway and a preview of game-play. Come see us and get your tickets at:

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

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