Leading in Governance

One of the biggest strengths of Telos is our governance. We have built more structures for the users of our network to control its direction — using the blockchain smart contracts themselves — than any blockchain ever. This means that we can guide ourselves and come to decisions through our own processes. From the start we were able to select block producers. We’ve also been voting on how to spend our community funds via the worker proposal system with great results. Now two new processes are coming on-line and, like the worker proposals, no other blockchain has these functions in the way that we do.

The first is our arbitration system. We’ve had arbitrators elected for some time and the Telos core developers have been building an arbitration management portal, which was completed a few weeks ago. The elected arbitrators are training on it and preparing for the first test cases to move through. There’s a chapter about it in the Telos Users Guide for anyone who’d like to know more. This will make it possible for a wide variety of disputes to be resolved but we expect it to mostly be used to return the control of accounts to their owners when keys have been lost or accounts stolen.

The next big advancement we are undertaking is our ratify/amend system, which allows the Telos users to ratify one of our governance documents or propose amendments. This is unprecedented in blockchain. On Telos, we can propose revisions to a governance document by clause. This means that if we want to make some changes, we don’t have to throw out all our existing agreements and start over, we can make changes to just the parts that we want to adjust. This is how functional governments operate — in most places, throwing out the constitution is a sign of a failure or overthrow of the current government. Long term, having a way to make adjustments means we can quickly adjust to changing conditions.

Several of the block producers (including GoodBlock) have proposed an economic plan for supporting the TLOS price and expanding the funding for WPS, the Telos Foundation, and block producer pay. Right now, this is a request for comment trying to see how the community feels about the idea. If the idea is well received, some version of it will be proposed as our first amendment in a few days. A vote will require 55% yes vote at the end of the 29-day voting period (the same as for any other election). Voting will be via Sqrl wallet and hopefully by a new ratify/amend portal before the election is over. If you have thoughts about the proposal, please let us know in the Telos Telegram channel, where the main discussion is happening.

Go Telos!

— Douglas Horn

Worker Proposals of Note


The Telos Podcast — Professional YouTube Show & Podcast (#16)
Voting closes: Sun June 13th 21:13 GMT +0100
25,000.0000 TLOS in 6 cycles to ‘gyztiobugege’ to fund a professional Telos-focused podcast and YouTube show.
Yes: 1,261,993 | No: 30,001 | Abstain: 0

Telos Core Devs WP #2 — fund 2 months of finished work by TCD (#15)
Voting closes: Sun June 10th 15:28 GMT +0100
535,000.0000 TLOS in 1 cycle to ‘teloscoredev’ to recoup costs for development work already performed, outlined in IPFS doc.
Yes: 2,310,819 | No: 102,034 | Abstain: 956,272


Financing Vapaee.io DEX development and review video (#12)
Voting closes: Sun June 2nd 16:20 GMT +0100
140,000.0000 TLOS in 3 cycles to ‘cardsntokens’ to fund development and implementation of a new DEX for TLOS based tokens.
Yes: 3,245,260 | No: 1,462,277 | Abstain: 17,870

Ended and Passed!

Telos Promotion and Outreach (#10) (1st cycle)
Voting closes: May 17th 16:46 GMT +0100
15,000.0000 TLOS in 12 cycles to ‘tlspromotion’ for past and future work promoting the Telos Network with articles and YouTube videos.
Yes: 5,011,578 | No: 1,412,468 | Abstain: 5,075,309

Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives (#9) (1st cycle)
Voting closes: Fri May 17th 05:35 GMT +0100
155,000.0000 TLOS in 3 cycles to ‘romannanders’ to bolster the marketing and public relations efforts of the Telos Foundation in collaboration with the Telos Foundation.
Yes: 5,132,279 | No: 1,493,177 | Abstain: 4,991,492

cc32d9: Chronicle + History Indexer (#8)
Voting closes: Sat May 11th 17:00 GMT +0100
100,000.0000 TLOS in 1 cycle to ‘cc32dninexxx’ to help fund a scalable Chronicle + History Indexer project.
Yes: 4,372,158 | No: 433,478 | Abstain: 5,057,545

Don’t forget to re-cast your vote for WPs that last multiple cycles. This feature helps to keep longer-term WPs accountable for deliverables, and let voters decide whether they think the WP is still of value to the network.

At this time, to re-cast the same vote (yes|no|abstain), you need to choose one of the other vote options, then cast your intended vote again.

Here’s what happened this week:

  • Telos BPs propose Economic Development Plan as RFC to the community
  • Atomic Swap Wallet lists TLOS
  • Telos is featured in a video by EOSUSANEWS

Updates and earlier news you may have missed:

  • Teloscope team adds Chinese language option for Teloscope Bot
  • Telos Boid Team progress update
  • Where is the TelosFLAME?

Telos BPs propose Economic Development Plan as RFC to the community

Several Telos BPs have put together a detailed Telos Economic Development Plan (TEDP) as a request for comments (RFC) to the community. This plan can bring more people to the community and create positive buy pressure on the token due to REX return. We want to discuss the proposal with the community, and if they agree, this will soon be put to a vote by all token holders via the Ratify/Amend system. Read the Telos Foundation’s article here, and for a deep-dive into the plan, click to read “Understanding the Telos Economic Development Plan”.

Atomic Swap Wallet lists TLOS

Atomic Swap Wallet announced this week that it will support and list TLOS in its Alpha launch coming soon. Atomic Swap Wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet which features truly peer-to-peer coin and token exchanging between users. We’re thrilled about all of the new listings making TLOS available for a wider and wider audience. https://atomicswapwallet.io/

Telos is featured in a video by EOSUSANEWS

On May 13th EOS USA NEWS, a YouTube channel dedicated to news about eosio created by block producer candidate TelosUSA, released a video discussing being block producers on both Telos and EOS, and some key differences between the networks. In the video, they cover a range of topics from inflation reduction to WordProof, and examine the problems facing both networks. TelosUSA is a block producer candidate for the Telos network, and part of EOSUSA.NEWS, a global blockchain news aggregate. Check out the interview here: https://youtu.be/hoRXYmfZRTo

Teloscope team adds Chinese language to Teloscope Bot

A Chinese translation was made for the Teloscope Bot this week by Telos Intasia team. The Teloscope Bot is a bot on Telegram with many uses, including providing new users with free Telos accounts, notification when there are changes to subscribed accounts, and offers account info such as resources, TLOS/USD info, and more. Kudos to them! Interact with the Teloscope Bot at t.me/teloscopebot

Telos Boid Team progress update — Team Telos is in 1st place!

Team Telos is leading the pack on Boid at 1st place, and holding on tightly to the lead! Boid is a platform for users to dedicate their unused computer resources towards big data projects like searching for cancer markers in DNA. The Telos team has over 18,500 TLOS donated as prizes for team members.

Where is the TelosFLAME?

This week, the FLAME passed through some of the squirrel community! The memos have been poetic this week, including some fun rhymes and a haiku and the FLAME is now with GoodBlock developer, peter.tf! The TelosFLAME project, created by Telos BP 21Zephyr is a “pass the torch” token game on the Telos Network. If you’re interested in receiving and passing on the token, sign up on this spreadsheet. And if you would like to follow along and see where the TelosFLAME has been, follow the contract on this explorer courtesy of TelosUK: https://www.acornsexplorer.com/view-reports-data/MzE

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

More about GoodBlock can be found at: www.goodblock.io

Join us on Twitter @GoodBlockio

Vote for GoodBlock on the Telos Blockchain Network @goodblocktls