Excitement Overload

It’s really hard for me to contain my excitement about Telos these days. We are on the cusp of launching our first big community voting proposal, the Telos Economic Development Plan. There’s a lot of excitement around that and the community engagement around the components of it have been pretty high. No doubt the proposal we submit following this comment period will be different than the one we came up with before bringing it to the community. That’s a pretty good sign.The voting will tell, of course, but just the fact that we are able to vote on something like this is pretty monumental. On top of that, it sounds like the first arbitration cases will be here soon, so that is two impressive governance features that are available nowhere else.

I’m also excited by the new things I’ve been able to do on Telos this week: Trading on Newdex and Vapaée and playing a new rock, scissors, paper game that is actually pretty engaging. And of course, we are excited about the Block One June 1st announcement.

Of course the stuff that I’m most excited about are things that I can’t really talk about much yet. Drakos Keep development, for example just gets more exciting every day. We did a little demo this week for some important folks and showed them the current game build where we played on a Macbook Pro laptop against an Android mobile phone. Yeah, they were pretty much blown away. More art also came in from our world class fantasy artists and we thought we’d share just a peek. There are some other in-house projects that GoodBlock is working on like IPFS, building some Telos Proof of Concept pieces to show to Enterprise businesses in Amsterdam, and more.

I know that it can be hard to look past the daily token price, but to me, the fundamentals of Telos are stronger than any blockchain project out there. Sometimes people don’t get that immediately. They will. As an example, I was asked to speak with someone in the crypto space about EOS.IO. (Sorry to be cryptic, I can’t reveal the details.) The person I was speaking to knew a lot about EOS.IO but hadn’t heard about Telos yet. (I know, right?) Once I started telling him, he was very interested in all the new code we had added to EOS.IO. We spoke for 20 minutes about that alone. This person was blown away once he understood the truth about Telos. That’s the reaction I get from 90% of the people who I speak with about our chain. They don’t know much or they heard some misleading tidbits. Once people realize what we are actually doing here, they are almost universally impressed and then go on to ask why it isn’t a top-30 blockchain. Once they understand what we are doing and have done, they can’t connect that with the current token price. I’ve come to see that our price is a reflection of the lack of understanding people have about Telos. And that’s exciting because it means that if you can just tell people the truth about it, that they will become as excited as we are.

It’s a long weekend here in the US. I hope you enjoy it (wherever you may be). Go Telos!

— Douglas Horn

Worker Proposals of Note

Telos Core Devs WP #2 — fund 2 months of finished work by TCD (#15)

Voting closes: Mn June 10th 15:28 GMT +0100
535,000.0000 TLOS in 1 cycle to ‘teloscoredev’ to recoup costs for development work already performed, outlined in IPFS doc.
Yes: 4,567,202 | No: 107,037 | Abstain: 1,043,158

The Telos Podcast — Professional YouTube Show & Podcast (#16)

Voting closes: Sun June 13th 21:13 GMT +0100
25,000.0000 TLOS in 6 cycles to ‘gyztiobugege’ to fund a professional Telos-focused podcast and YouTube show.
Yes: 3,622,516 | No: 376,734 | Abstain: 62,322

Don’t forget to re-cast your vote for WPs that last multiple cycles. This feature helps to keep longer-term WPs accountable for deliverables, and let voters decide whether they think the WP is still of value to the network.

At this time, to re-cast the same vote (yes|no|abstain), you need to choose one of the other vote options, then cast your intended vote again.

Here’s what happened this week:

  • Vapaeé DEX is now live
  • Announcing, your Ready Hacker One judges
  • New gambling app Robo Shambo launches on Telos
  • TEDP featured on HODL EOS YouTube channel
  • WordProof creator Sebastiaan van der Lans proposes new model for 3rd cycle of WPS funds
  • New dragon art released from Drakos Keep

Vapaeé DEX is now live

Vapaeé, a DEX built by Viter of Cards & Tokens has launched its first version this week.

Viter decided to design this DEX after noticing a strong need in the community for a dex for all of the fun tokens the community was getting, from ACORNs to ROBO, and just announced recently, EDNA! We’re looking forward to following this project in the coming couple of months. https://vapaee.io/exchange/home

Announcing, your Ready Hacker One judges

The Telos Foundation announced on Tuesday the impressive lineup of judges for their Ready Hacker One developer challenge. Included are Nathan and Rami James of Scatter, Thomas Cox from StrongBlock, Brandon Parker (Happy Money Man) from The EOS Podcast, The CyberCode Twins, and GoodBlock’s own James Davis.

In addition to the announcement of the judges, the Telos Foundation has announced that they are raising the stakes! To give entrants more time and stay open for new teams, there is an update to the deadline for submissions to enter, now June 30th. If you were thinking about entering, but decided it was a little too close on time, now is your chance. They have also raised the awards, individual teams are now eligible for up to 40,000 TLOS! The awards announcement will be made on Monday July 8th. To read more about the judges and the competition, read the full article released by the Telos Foundation here.

New rock paper scissors gambling app, Robo Shambo launches on Telos

This week a new gambling app called Robo Shambo launched on Telos. Robo Shambo is a rock-paper-scissors game played against a cheeky robot. The site also features a daily leader-board for players to see who else is playing. Welcome to Telos, Robo Shambo!

TEDP featured on HODL EOS YouTube channel:

The TEDP has been a hot topic this week, and HODL EOS, a YouTube Channel featuring eosio projects, shared a video featuring and discussing it. The Telos Economic Development Plan was put together by a group of BPs as a RFC to the community, with the idea being to soon put a real proposal to a vote by the community. Watch the video, and learn more about the TEDP at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YwdM1j8urQ.

WordProof designer Sebastiaan van der Lans proposed a viral dapp marketing on-boarding model for the 3rd cycle of WordProof’s WPS fund

Sebastiaan van der Lans of Team WordProof wrote an article this week about what he’d like to do with Cycle #3 of the WordProof WPS funds. His plan is to implement a three-step “Viral dApp On-boarding Tool” to offer great marketing tools for the eosio ecosystem. The tool is to be developed in June and optimized later in the summer, but the tool will be applicable on any app that has token economics. Read the full article here: https://medium.com/wordproof/wordproof-worker-proposal-cycle-3-open-source-viral-dapp-marketing-on-boarding-model-8cd8816b3777

EDNA gains a TLOS Pair on Newdex

EDNA becomes the third Telos dapp after QBE and TEACH to be available for trading on Newdex today. EDNA is a new DNA application that allows you to sell your genome data anonymously. We’ve really been looking forward to EDNA being available on TLOS, and think it will be the future of DNA security and control. To read more about EDNA, go to https://edna.life.

New dragon art released from Drakos Keep

This week, Drakos Keep released some brand new dragon art that we are thrilled to share with you. The game is coming along great, it’s been testing well on mobile, and we even have some 3D eggs now. But what are you still listening to me for? You’re here for the cool new dragons.

These are just two of the over 3 trillion unique dragons that will be possible on Drakos Keep. Every dragon will have unique appearance and traits that determine their game play style.

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

More about GoodBlock can be found at: www.goodblock.io

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