Telos Weekly Report — May 31st, 2019

B1 June1

Everyone in the EOSIO world waits with bated breath for Block One’s long awaited “#June1” announcement. Even the founders of Ethereum and Tron felt the need to make competing announcements on the same day. I would be foolish to make any prognostications when the truth will be revealed before most people even see this Weekly Report. So I plan to keep this short.

Like the rest of our community, I look forward to the news. We have heard that it is likely to aid all EOSIO chains and I certainly hope that is true. I won’t join in on the conjecture, but I do see a lot more trading volume and price increases on TLOS exchanges and that can’t all be due to our announcement the other day about Telos Blockchain Solutions, Ltd, or the coming TEDP.

The Telos Economic Development Plan will be officially proposed in just another few days. Kevin Quaintance of Telos Global is working with me on getting out our draft (of course, there could be multiple drafts but we’re hoping to capture something the community can embrace). I wanted to get out some explainers about how ratify/amend and the TBNOA really work before making the proposal. Fortunately, I was able to get those published this week.

I’m very excited about Telos Blockchain Solutions, the private consultancy operated by over a dozen Telos-only BPs in order to make strategic partnerships, present proof of concepts to enterprise businesses, and provide professional advice, development and project management services so that these big companies can deploy on the Telos blockchain. This has been a missing link for us and now that we have it, we have a new way to bring in the business. I think people will see exciting developments on Telos soon. Hopefully tomorrow’s announcement from Block One will only make this better.

Go Telos!

— Douglas Horn

Worker Proposals of Note


Telos Promotion and Outreach (#10) (3rd cycle)
Voting closes: June 15th 15:54 GMT +0100
15,000.0000 TLOS in 12 cycles to ‘tlspromotion’ for past and future work promoting the Telos Network with articles and YouTube videos.
Yes: 1,201,273 | No: 180,197 | Abstain: 0

Ending Soon:

Financing DEX development and review video (#12)
Voting closes: Sun June 2nd 16:20 GMT +0100
140,000.0000 TLOS in 3 cycles to ‘cardsntokens’ to fund development and implementation of a new DEX for TLOS based tokens.
Yes: 5,398,981 | No: 1,543,545 | Abstain: 55,233

Telos Marketing Proposal (#13)
Voting closes: Sun June 2nd 21:25 GMT +0100
85,000.0000 TLOS in 4 cycles to ‘marketing1o1’ for marketing to increase Telos awareness among developers, crypto and non-crypto users, and apps already on EOS.
Yes:4,624,406 | No: 1,335,301 | Abstain: 151,855

Telos Infrastructure as Code (#14)
Voting closes: Wed Jun 5th 10:32 GMT +0100
35,000.0000 TLOS in 1 cycle to ‘cmicheltelos’ to support development of eosiac (EOS Infrastructure as Code), automating the process of managing EOSIO accounts for complex dapps in multiple environments.
Yes: 873,526 | No: 2,428,606 | Abstain: 554,794

WordProof — Open Source WordPress Telos Plugin (#6) (3rd cycle)
Voting closes: Tue June 4th 19:14 GMT +0100
300,000.0000 TLOS in 4 cycles to ‘wordprooftls’ to fund an open source Telos WordPress plugin. This is the third cycle of this Worker Proposal.
Yes: 2,549,216 | No: 1,251,555 | Abstain: 65,308

Ended and Passed!

SteemChurch Telos Expansion: resubmission (#4)
Voting closed: Thu June 27th 10:51 GMT+0100
15,000.0000 (6 cycles) to accounts.jc over 6 months funding for a Telos referral program, onboarding process, blockchain participation and ongoing community development in developing nations.

Don’t forget to re-cast your vote for WPs that last multiple cycles. This feature helps to keep longer-term WPs accountable for deliverables, and let voters decide whether they think the WP is still of value to the network.

This week’s active multi-cycle WPs include:
Marketing Support for Telos Foundation Initiatives
Telos Promotion and Outreach
IBC Implementation
SteemChurch Telos Expansion

At this time, to re-cast the same vote (yes|no|abstain), you need to choose one of the other vote options, then cast your intended vote again.

Here’s what happened this week:

  • Telos Blockchain Solutions LTD is launched
  • TLOS price more than doubles and trading volumes increase
  • Newdex is trading TLOS
  • Two new articles added to the Telos User’s Guide
  • Telos “claim token” scam is back
  • WordProof team announces project updates
  • page launches providing an easy way to gift a Telos account to a friend or family member

Telos Blockchain Solutions LTD is launched

A number of Block Producers presented Telos to enterprise businesses in London at Blockchain Expo Global recently, and many attendees were very excited about making use of Telos’ immutable, trustless computing. It was quickly apparent however, that these businesses didn’t know the next step. Typically they work with professional consultants who can build and deliver these necessary tools and until now, Telos had no such consultancy. As of this week, Telos Blockchain Solutions is up and running! Headquartered in London and operated by leading Telos BPs with skills in development, sales, project management, and business acumen, this project is dedicated to helping onboard enterprise businesses to Telos. Read more on their introductory article here:

Telos Blockchain Solutions website:

TLOS price more than doubles and trading volumes increase

This week saw exciting price action on for TLOS tokens rising from a low of $0.0443 last Friday to a high of $0.1148 today (a 259% increase!). Trading rose in volume across most exchanges trading TLOS including CoinTiger, ChainRift, Newdex, ABCC, and CODEX. Reported volume is still fairly low, but has been steadily rising and currently stands at over $270,000 for the past 24 hours.

Newdex is trading TLOS

In addition to the great news about the token price and volume, we are proud to announce that Newdex has also added TLOS to its list of trading tokens, with TLOS/EOS, EDNA/TLOS pairs, and more. Newdex is the world’s largest eosio based decentralized exchange and is highly trusted by the eosio community. See the exchange information on Newdex at

Two new articles added to the Telos User’s Guide

Lots of new developments are going to be happening soon on the governance side of things in Telos, and to accompany, we released two new articles for the Telos User’s Guide to help users understand Ratify/Amend, and the TBNOA.

Telos recognizes that we need to build community consensus about governance changes and we want to ensure that users have a voice in governance issues. ‘Understanding Ratify/Amend Governance Voting’ is a document that explains how the ratify/amend governance voting process works, and helps the non-developer understand the process and why it’s so important.

In a new category of the TUG called “Clause-by-Clause”, ‘Interpreting the TBNOA’ we break down the Telos Blockchain Network Operating agreement clause by clause to make it easier to understand.

“Let’s face it, this document is long and boring, but if you ever need to understand how Telos is governed and what the rules are around here, this is the document where you can find clear answers.”

Telos “claim token” scam is back

A friendly reminder to be safe and careful with your keys! The airdrop scam has returned, sending dust amounts of EOS with memos to “claim” telos tokens, then directing users to a fake Telos Foundation website that asks the user to put their private keys and then takes control and changes active and owner keys, and takes control of the account. The Telos Foundation will NEVER ask you for your private keys, and you should never put them on any website. Only download software from the original source, and only use your owner permission key for account administration.

If you get this memo or one like it, here’s the URL to file a complaint for the site:

Image courtesy of @Hpsaini on Telegram

WordProof team announces project updates

The WordProof team has been working full time for almost a month on the WordProof project. This week they announced a cool new onboarding tool to make the installation of WordProof easy for the whole WordPress community. The team also redesigned the WordProof dashboard as well as the blockchain certificate interface. WordProof is one of the currently active multi-cycle Worker Proposals and they have a voting period ending soon. If you haven’t re-upped your vote for WordProof’s WP, make sure to do so before Tuesday, June 4th! page launches providing an easy way to gift a Telos account to a friend or family member

Creating a new account in the blockchain ecosystem can be complicated, and wouldn’t it be great to have a way to share Telos with your friends and family that makes it easier for them? Telos Gift Card is a service that allows you to easily gift a new telos account for someone in the form of a secure, downloadable PDF that gives them their private and public keys, information on 3 main wallets, and some popular apps for the new user to try out. Creator mæIT also has a site to create gift EOS accounts. For more information, check out their site at

About the author: Douglas Horn is the Telos architect and whitepaper author, and the founder of GoodBlock, a block producer and app developer for the Telos Blockchain Network.

More about GoodBlock can be found at:

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