Understanding IoT and Web3

The state of African weather data is dire – but that’s where Kanda Weather comes in. They’re using weather balloons and the internet of things, also known as IoT, to collect that critical data. And Telos helps them store that data and reward their users with cryptocurrency.

In this episode of Around the Block, join Douglas, Nathaniel, Sean and special guest Nicolas Lopez from Kanda Weather. They’ll tell you all about the impact that their project is having across continents – and you’ll learn a thing or two about IoT too!

Learn more about the Weather Miner: https://www.ascensionwx.com/miner/p/weather-miner More on Helium: https://www.helium.com/ More on hydrogen tech: https://twitter.com/KandaWeather/status/1564713291775197185?s=20&t=iRSmPqnLqPwqhOAs5jGyug

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